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10 Ideal Careers For Those Who Want to Work Freelance


Being your own boss, going from assignment to assignment,… Freelance work is a relief for everyone who is tired of doing the same thing every day. Would you also like to become self-employed? Then of course you have to choose a sector first. To help you get started, we list 10 jobs that you can do perfectly as a freelancer, and often even from home.

More and more people choose to work as a freelancer today. Even if you never have the certainty of a permanent contract, freelance work offers a lot of advantages. Companies also like to rely on the knowledge and skills of a good freelancer. Discover all the benefits of a freelancer for a company here.

Ten Ideal Careers For Those Who Want to Work Freelance

For some careers, even a freelancer is hired almost exclusively. So do you want a freelance job with a future? Then check whether one of the following professions is for you...

1. Graphic designer

Websites and apps are mushrooming, so the creative brain of graphic designers is in high demand. The advertising world also needs handsome posters and sleek designs. Due to the increasing demand, graphic design is increasingly becoming a job for freelancers. After all, there is plenty of work.

Of course you have quite some experience before you start working solo. And if graphic design is really something completely new to you, then it's certainly advisable to first follow a course.

2. Photographer

Do you have a passion for photography? Then there are also opportunities for freelance photographers. Of course you have to know how to make a masterpiece of every photo with your camera. Photography is also a profession that you could perfectly combine with another job at first. For example, many people will ask you to take pictures of weddings, communions, baptisms, etc. on weekends.

That's why it's important to put together a strong portfolio. An overview of all kinds of photos that you have already taken. This way potential customers immediately see that you're worth every euro. Of course, you also have to have full knowledge of programs such as Photoshop to edit photos. Do you also know something about video and editing? Then you have a strong advantage and you could start working full-time perfectly.

3. Copywriter / journalist

Were you born with a pen in your hand and is writing your greatest talent and passion? Then you have various freelance options. Those who are bitten by current events can offer their services as a freelance journalist. More and more editors work with freelancers, so you don't have to commit to one title. That way you can also specialize in certain topics, so that the different media players know where to find you.

If you have a good pen, you can also work in the commercial sector. Demand for copywriters is growing under the influence of the internet. Convincing texts for companies, press releases, blogs,... A good copywriter is worth money. When your customers are satisfied, you quickly build a solid customer base.

4. Accountant

If you have studied accounting, it's quite easy to start from your own desk at home on an independent basis. You will soon have a large customer base, because the demand for accountants is high.

Moreover, you're of gold value for other freelancers. They prefer to focus on their work and are happy to be able to send invoices and paid bills to you so they don't have to worry about taxes or VAT. After all, you know everything about the most recent legislation and you always find the right solution so that customers earn money as cheaply as possible.

5. Teacher

Freelance teach? That too is perfectly possible nowadays. You could also do this, for example, in addition to another job or other assignments as a freelancer. It's even possible to become an online teacher. You can then reach students through applications such as Skype, WhatsApp or Google Hangout. The big advantage is that you're not dependent on a fixed timetable. You decide when you're available.

Of course, students expect you to have sufficient knowledge about certain subjects. For example, if you have already gained a lot of experience in your professional life, then you're the right person to teach online.

6. Social media manager

Not only does this title sound very nice, it's also one of the newest professions in this list. Since social media has taken a central role in our lives, everyone really needs to be active on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Many companies have little experience with this and prefer to hire an external person.

Are you constantly busy with social media? Do you know how to reach the right target groups with your messages? Then you're actually already a social media manager. Now only find customers. And where better to do that than... through social media?

7. Legal adviser

Don't feel like working in a large law firm? Or do you not want to defend the case of clients in court? Fortunately, your law studies haven't been in vain, because many people simply need advice. For example, about everything that has to do with properties, startups and family situations. From drafting contracts to advising and other legal services. You can perfectly earn an attractive salary with this.

8. Software developer

Nowhere is there more demand for talent than in the IT sector. Everything is so specialized today that many companies are looking for specific skills for assignments that they cannot find internally. After all, it's impossible to constantly train staff. As a freelancer you naturally ensure that you're aware of everything. Once your one project has been completed, there is bound to be something new waiting for you.

So do you have expertise in certain aspects of developing software, websites or applications? Then go for it, because there are plenty of clients who can use your talent more than ever.

9. Marketer

Even marketing is big business nowadays. As a result, there is enough work to get started as a freelance marketer. Campaigns are extremely versatile thanks to the impact of social media. If you have the right digital skills, you'll certainly find assignments very quickly. Actually, a background in marketing is an extra asset for a social media manager.

What are the much requested digital skills? SEO, data analytics, user experience, email marketing,... just to name a few. Conclusion: there is enough work for everyone in the marketing sector. So why would you hesitate to start on your own?

10. Translator

You now know that there is a lot of demand for everything that has to do with content. More than ever is being published and of course that has to be translated. On the one hand, many foreign companies want to reach a local audience, which means that press releases, blogs and websites have to be translated. On the other hand, Companies also see the most and translation into English is necessary to assert itself on the global market.

So are you fluent in two languages, for example French and English? Then you definitely have the right profile to work as a freelance translator. And if you know more languages, that's of course also an asset. Worldwide the influence of Spanish and Chinese is increasing.

More and more people will be working as freelancers in the future, so why not start right away? It has a lot of advantages and very often you just work from home.

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