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10 Tips to Take Back Your Career


As an employee you don't have to undergo your career. Only you realize that too little and you may not act on it. With the 10 career tips below, we offer you inspiration for how you can take control of your career.

Ten Tips to Take Back Your Career

1. The earlier in your career you acquire skills, the better. Acquired competences form the basis of new ones. Those who fall behind catch up difficult.

2. 1 + 1 = 3. You combine two specialties. It's the combination that makes you unique and gives you a stronger position on the labor market.

3. Consider the combination of two jobs. It's a form of risk spreading and it promotes your employability on the labor market.

4. Make a thorough balance at least once in your career. Consider a second career. Think in the long term.

5. Finding a new job is easiest if you're already working.

6. Given the importance of work for your identity, it's useful to regularly reflect on it for an hour.

7. Keep renewing your network throughout your career.

8. For most jobs, an eight-year period of residence is a maximum, unless the job changes significantly.

9. Keep your skills throughout your career long benchmarking with the external labor market. Keep an eye on where you can go on the labor market. Always keep a plan B. You will get this out of the closet if plan A (your current job) is put at risk.

10. "Every disadvantage has its advantage". A period of involuntary unemployment can turn out well if the time released is invested in new skills.

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