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5 Tips to Give a Good Impression in an Interview


In the job interview, it's as important to convince our job skills as to give a good general impression to the staff manager. The appearance and behavior that you have during the interview can play a determining role no matter how much our aptitudes and abilities are perfect for the position. That is why we are going to see 5 tips to give a good impression in the job interview that will be very useful, specially if you face one of your first interviews.

Five Tips to Give a Good Impression in an Interview

1. Dress correctly: the type of clothing you wear can reveal a lot about you. Logically you have to wear appropriate clothes that appear serious and aren't too "casual."

2. Punctuality: it's clear that one of the main tips is that you shouldn't be late, but not long before. It's good to arrive about 10 or 5 minutes before to organize and prepare for the moment of the interview. If you arrive too soon the person who is going to interview you may be busy doing other things and your presence there is likely to be uncomfortable.

3. Be confident and confident in yourself: self-confidence is important for the selectors. The advice is that you present yourself as a self-confident person with confidence in your abilities and possibilities.

During the interview, keep eye contact with the person you are talking to. Answer the questions for sure, and if you don't know what to answer, say you don't know without getting nervous, but don't make up the answer.

4. Ask smart questions: normally at the end of a job interview you'll be asked if you have any questions or if you want to ask something. It's your opportunity to show your interest in the position. Don't ask questions related to salary or vacations, but to the company, the job, etc.

5. Show appreciation: One of the most important tips is that at the end of the interview, thank the interviewer (or interviewers if there are several) for the time spent. You can show your education and confidence by shaking hands safely and kindly saying, "Thank you very much" or "I hope we will talk again soon."

If you are about to start a selection process, don't forget to follow these tips to make a good impression and don't forget to consult our guide to overcome a job interview . Good luck!

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