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9 Things to Do in Your First Week at a New Job


Starting a new job is very exciting. How important is that first impression? How do you start everything conveniently? You will get there with these tips.

Nine Things to Do in Your First Week at a New Job

1. Introduce yourself very often, nerdy

Always say 'Good morning' or 'Hello' in the elevator, coffee room or toilets. That pays off. "People don't always have the time to come to you," says Augustine, "so often approach them yourself. Invest most of the time in the group of colleagues close to you and then work your way through to the rest. "

2. Make friends with a veteran

A veteran at work can help you learn about office politics, where the pencils are, and who are the main decision makers. "Companies have their own language and codes," says Augustine. "Find someone who wants to translate for you and someone who knows where to find all the little things. Asking your boss where the post its are feels a bit crazy '

3. Have your boss and colleagues have expectations

"Get on the boss's radar," Augustine advises. "Let us know what you want to achieve. Show what communication style you have and what your working hours are. The first week sets the tone. "

4. What about the coffee?

Some little habits at work can make people go crazy. Who cleans dirty plates? Who supplements the coffee? Which shelves in the refrigerator are for shared use? "Be a sponge and observe how people do things at your new job," says Augustine. "There's nothing wrong with asking the novice how the coffee maker works."

5. Demonstrate what you claimed in your job interview

"Did you say you're a social media expert? Then get started right away with the company's social media accounts. Draw up a small list for yourself to brag about. The things you achieve, important contributions to projects, compliments you get. That will soon be useful during appraisal interviews and salary negotiations. '

6. Create good habits

A lot of new information is coming at you, so try to organize your work well from the start. "A new job is an opportunity to redress your weaknesses," said Augustine. "Were you poor in time management? Then try to do better from now on. "

7. Add your new colleagues on social media

If you have started offically, update your job on social media and follow the company and your colleagues. Confirm new contacts on Twitter or LinkedIn. "Facebook is seen by many as a bit too personal for colleagues, so be discreet there," says Augustine.

8. Contact previous colleagues

"It may feel counterintuitive," says Augustine, "but the first week in your new job is a great time to connect with colleagues at previous jobs. For example, ask for references or recommendations. The best time to do that's precisely if you're not looking for new work. '

9. Discover the area surrounding the property

Do you already know where the nearest drugstore is? Or where you can get coffee or a sandwich nearby? Always good to know, "says Augustine," not only for yourself, but also for customers or business contacts. "

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