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Create a Job Description Profile


Creating an accurate job description profile gives candidates a better overview of the tasks to be performed and whether they meet the specified profile.

In the job profile you describe in detail the task to be performed, the responsibilities and objectives. The description of the desired candidate is the development of a profile that corresponds to the ideal person. By drawing up this description, you focus on the required competences. The final document enables the recruiting expert or HR employee to identify the right candidate.

The job profile helps the candidates. Placing a deliberately vague advertisement to attract as wide a range of candidates as possible, means in particular time loss. You get candidates who don't meet the search and you may miss the perfect candidate because it's not 'caught' by the advertisement.

The following information will help you to evaluate resumes more consistently and faster. The same applies if you prepare a list of pertinent questions for the interview.

Components of a Job description

- department / division and title of the position
- salary
- the function to be filled
- the objectives
- specific responsibilities

- daily responsibilities
- direct manager
- a typical working day
- examples of (one-off) tasks that arise from normal responsibilities

Creating a Candidate Profile

- what would you like to find with the ideal candidate
- think in terms of technology, organization, communication or creativity
- apply each of these expertise to the corresponding duties

Required qualifications / experience:
- what level of education or specific education are you looking for?
- what experience are you looking for? must the candidate have already performed similar functions?
- duration of experience - in which sectors?

Personal character and qualities:
- what kind of personality would best suit your team?
- mention a series of words that well describe the nature of the ideal candidate
- think of the details that would help him perform his duties effectively.
- characteristics of someone who is appreciated in this sector

Ideal qualities
What other qualities do you want to find with your employee? Think carefully about your descriptions and the nature of the job itself.

Be Meticulous

By ensuring that your needs are properly specified, candidates will know exactly whether or not they meet your expectations. By definition, a task or profile description is a document for communication between you and your organization, HR and the potential candidate.

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