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Establish a True Job Description


You can describe by telephone to your recruitment consultant the profile and type of mission you're looking for.

It's more relevant to establish a true job description


Before making an announcement or registering a position with a recruitment firm, it's important to define what you're looking for. The job description provides a detailed description of the duties, responsibilities and objectives of the position.

The description of the candidate is the development of a profile corresponding to the ideal person. Preparing it helps you focus on the skills you need. The final document allows the HR manager or recruitment consultant to identify the candidates to be interviewed. It's also a good exercise to re-evaluate the needs of your service and give you the opportunity to redistribute responsibilities within the team.

Job descriptions and profiles are also useful for applicants. They can quickly know if they match or not the desired profile. Many employers make the mistake of voluntarily drafting a vague ad to attract a broad spectrum of applications. This principle can waste time getting applications sometimes far from your initial search.

A very specific job description as well as a list of questions relevant to the interview lead to a better success in the evaluation of the resumes.

Job Description

- Job Title
- Pay Range
- Objectives

- Daily Responsibilities
- Direct leader
- A typical day
- Examples of assignments (one-off) leaving the usual responsibilities
- Specific responsibilities / exceptional assignments

The candidate's profile

- What you want to find in the ideal candidate
- Think in terms of technique, organization, communication or creativity
- Apply each skill to the corresponding tasks

Qualifications / Experience Required:
- What training are you looking for?
- What experience are you looking for?
- Does the candidate already have experience in similar functions?
- Duration of the experiment - in which sectors?

Character and personal qualities:
- What kind of personality would fit into your team?
- Cite words describing the nature of the ideal candidate
- Think about the particularities that would help him / her to perform his duties effectively
- Characteristics of someone who appreciates your industry

Ideal qualities:
- What other qualities would you like to find in your home? employee? Think carefully about your descriptions and the nature of the job

Be specific

By carefully specifying your needs, candidates will know exactly if they can meet your expectations. Too evasive descriptions can be the cause of premature departure, the position doesn't meet the expectations of the candidate. By definition, a job description or profile is a communication document between you and your department, HR and the potential candidate.

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