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9 Tips For an Eye-Catching Resume

Whether it's a targeted or open application, your resume must stand out. How do you stand out in the pile of applicants? How do you make your resume stand out? Below 10 tips to stand out with your resume. We will of course start with number 1. What is on number (1)? Yes, you guessed it, or not?

Adapt the resume to the job

Create a basic profile / resume and adapt your resume to each application. Think about why that vacancy and organization fit and write from that perspective. Better a few targeted letters of application than a hundred of the same, toneless, general letters out the door every week. This is a waste of time...


Link your skills to a specific result that shows your professional competence. Don't just write down that you're innovative, but also give examples. For example, by adding a photo, video or presentation, so that others can get a better picture of your talents.

Make your resume stand out by using color and design

Use a striking and / or different design. For example 1x of the resumes below. These can be downloaded from our store with resume templates.

Add a personal profile

In which you briefly explain who you're and what you have to offer

Use footage

A picture says more than a thousand words. For example with personal interests and hobbies: photo of golf course and football station?

Bite-sized broken

resumes are read very quickly. Generally, a resume is scanned in no more than ten seconds. That's why it's best to summarize the information in your resume in bite-sized chunks.

Always send your resume (and vice versa)

Always send a resume with your application, even if you're not specifically asked for it. The other way around as well. Always send a motivation> even if it's not asked for.

Be creative with your resume

Dare to tell something nice about a hobby, position or something else creative: photo, icons, bold, color, etc. Show who you're and make your resume personal and immediately striking (creative).


Another way to make your skills stand out is to ask for recommendations from trusted sources. When asking someone for a recommendation, indicate which skill you would like to emphasize and ideally what result the other person has experienced or seen as a result. This is the modern form of giving references.

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