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Are you prepared to the high competetion of the recruitment marketplace? In this article we'll give you the advantage to become hired by learning you the tools that'll help you to become headhunted from 'headhunters' who are looking for qualified candidates. The question is how to find a headhunter? or by other words: 'where to find' and 'what to do' in order to to get the attention from headhunters?

In fact, regardless of the position for which you apply, a university degree is of little use if it's not accompanied by skills such as speaking more than one language, being able to work in a group or fluently mastering computer programs.

But in addition to these requirements, today it's more important than ever to have visibility, that is, that your profile stands out above the rest.

This is the best way to get the job you want, since you will attract the attention of headhunters (those in charge of looking for candidates for companies, specially managers or very specific profiles).

So here I'm going to share the 8 best tips to get the attention of the headhunters on the Internet, and finally achieve the job of your dreams.

8 tips to get the attention of a headhunter

Following our tips will you to become hired more easy

1. Decide in which media you're going to make yourself known

From the beginning you should be very clear about three things: what types of positions you want to get, who you want to get to, and by what means you want to do it.

Keep in mind that it's not the same to make yourself known through professional social networks such as LinkedIn or Monster, as if for example you're going to do it through normal social networks (such as Facebook or Google+) or your own website.

Each of these sites is designed so that you create your professional profile in a different way, focusing on different aspects depending on the medium in which you are, and who you want to reach to be hired.

My personal recommendation is that you choose the platform on which the majority of headhunters in the labor market in which you want to work move.

For example, on Instagram many headhunters move for sectors such as fashion, graphic design or photography due to the visual power that this social network has.

So choose well the site in which you're going to make yourself known, and of course don't forget LinkedIn since it's the largest platform currently in which to find a job.

2. Analyze your professional profile and set job goals

Another very important step is also to think about what your professional objective is and try to make it realistic according to your skills and knowledge.

After this, look at other professionals in the sector in which you aspire to work, as well as job offers.

With this information you have to carry out a SWOT analysis to find out what you can improve in the short or medium term in order to increase the possibilities of your profile, as well as to know what strengths you can base your resume on so that it stands out from the rest .

3. Make your profile flawless

I never tire of repeating to people who ask me for advice when finding a job that they take great care of every detail of their professional profiles.

Why? Because profile is the first thing headhunters will see when they find you.

It's not enough to simply fill out all the information they ask you in any way, upload a photo of yourself, and that's it. You must think carefully about what you're going to write and what image of yourself you want to give.

Make sure that your profile holder is good: make it clear who you're and what position you're looking for, but always in a clear, direct and attractive way.

Profile includes all possible ways in which the headhunters can contact you, like your email, social networks, phone, etc.

Upload a professional image of yourself where only you appear (don't think of uploading the typical photo with your friends!), In which your face looks good, but without being too serious.

It has been proven that professional images in which people appear smiling or with a friendly face work much better than those in which the typical serious face is shown without moving a muscle.

4. Use social networks

With all these three clear points, and with your well-defined professional profile, you will be ready to build your own personal brand with which to attract the attention of headhunters .

To do this, use social networks such as Linkedin, which in addition to the possibility of creating an online curriculum that millions of people (and headhunters) can see, allow you to interact and participate in professional forums in your industry.

5. Earn a reputation through a blog

On the other hand, reflecting your knowledge through a blog is a very useful way to show that you're an expert in a certain subject.

Platforms like WordPress, whose first steps to create a website explain to us in 1and1, will allow you to configure web pages in a very simple and personalized way .

The more original, useful and different the content you post, the more it will contribute to your personal brand and your visibility.

To increase the chances of your blog being seen, make use of social networks: share the content through them and try to generate a debate around the topic that you raise.

In addition to this, it doesn't hurt to have some notions of SEO so that search engines don't overlook your blog and find you more easily.

6. Don't forget about networking

At the end of the day, carrying out the above actions, what you're really achieving is making effective networking, that is, weaving a network of professional contacts within your sector in which you can be recognized.

Therefore, don't hesitate to speak privately and add to your social networks those people who have relevance within your sector, whether they are strangers, former colleagues or university professors, family or friends.

And it's that the vast majority of job offers come through well-known people who can recommend you to headhunters .

7. Contact headhunters directly

Likewise, it's also a good idea to identify the headhunters who are dedicated to your sector and contact them to make you known and that they know of your total disposition for any position that fits your qualities.

Regardless of whether you succeed or not any job offer that will offer the headhunters, be sure to relate to them, because it's always advisable that you take into account any offer that even you can improve your current conditions.

8. If they contact you, don't reject them!

Finally, there is a case that very few seem to talk about, but which is also very important when it comes to finding a job: when a headhunter contacts you, but you're not interested in that position.

Never do things like not giving an answer, reacting negatively, or answering unkindly simply because it's not what you're looking for.

That can create a bad perception of you in the headhunter, and you never know what other people he or she may know, and affect your candidacies in the future.

So even if you're not interested in what he offers you, always answer in a kind and friendly way, and don't lose contact with that headhunter; Perhaps among his acquaintances is the person who will hire you in the future.

Finally, once you get a job interview, either through a headhunter or through other methods, remember to prepare it well taking into account the 15 tips I give you in the next post. Good luck in your search!

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