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Vacancies are full of standard terms. What about a sentence like: "Our organization has an informal culture and as an employee you have to be active, result-oriented and flexible." It's vague language with which you convince few good applicants.

Write a good 'catchy' job ad

On the contrary, applicants are looking for specific information that helps them to decide to apply for a position. If you include that information in a catchy text, it'll result in more responses of a better quality.


Before you get started, it can help to see how other companies write job texts. For example, search on LinkedIn for a similar position. There are also examples of job advertisements on various websites.

In 7 steps we show you how to write a good job description:

1. Write a short and powerful text

The text of a job advertisement is short and powerful. A good starting point for the length of a vacancy text is around 400 to 600 words. Write actively and address the reader in the second person. Use 'you' or 'you' as much as possible and we use as little as possible.

2. Choose a striking job name

In a vacancy, the job title first catches the eye. Based on the job title, applicants decide whether or not to continue reading. Therefore, provide a striking job title in which applicants recognize themselves.

Based on this principle, a secretary is called a management assistant, office manager or personal assistant. Don't overdo it with this kind of English name, because then you might not be findable by applicants who use a search engine or job site.

Ask your own staff to think about a stimulating job title.

3. Create a lively job description

The job description in many vacancies consists of a dry list based on the job profile. Instead, describe in a lively way what a typical workday looks like. What tasks do you perform from the moment you arrive? Which nice colleagues do you work with? And what have you achieved if you close the door behind you at the end of the day?

If you provide a lot of concrete information, candidates will get a better picture of the position. That way you reduce the chance that they will leave after a while.

4. Ask for appropriate training requirements

The training requirements have a major influence on the response you receive. If you only ask for a certain level of work and thinking, you'll get many responses that will not always be relevant. The number of responses, on the other hand, decreases if you explicitly state a diploma or study program.

Depending on the job requirements and the state of the labor market, you can formulate training requirements more or less strictly.

5. Put employment conditions and pay in the text

Employment conditions and pay can't be missing in a vacancy text. Be as specific as possible about the salary, if this is important for intended candidates. This differs per target group. But not everyone finds money the most important argument for applying.

Secondary employment conditions also count. Some people place great value on flexible working hours, relaxation at work, sports facilities, holidays and the possibility to work part-time.

6. Present your company

Present your company in a realistic way. Describe what your company does and what makes it so interesting. Is it a unique family business, for example, or is innovation of paramount importance?

Everything that's distinctive compared to other companies helps to seduce candidates. Keep it short. Refer to your website or company presentation if necessary.

In any case, also tell about the working atmosphere. Don't imagine the working atmosphere too rosy. If you do, you run the risk of losing new employees if the working atmosphere turns out to be disappointing. Mention for example the core values that apply within your company.

Finally, of course you don't forget to state the location of your company; acceptable travel time is high on the list of applicants.

7. Give a clear deadline

Under the vacancy you set the deadline for candidates to respond. The advantage of a clear deadline is that it gives candidates a sense of urgency. This usually increases the response.

Explain how a candidate can best apply and how the application process works. Also always mention a contact person where candidates can go with questions. Preferably not a general address, but a specific name with a personal email address.

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