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Guide to Build a Resume Website


It's important to build an engagement resume on the internet, a good professional resume will boost your employment opportunities. It's actually your key to get a job interview and stand in front of the hiring door. But how to create an online resume? my quick answer: "It's that easy you can create a web page for your resume"! you don't need a resume builder free or not!.

What are the advantages of an online resume?

Goodbye to the paper! Below, we explain why a web page will help you in your job search:

1. Define your message: in the Human Resources departments, it's very normal to search Google for the names of the candidates for a certain position. Thanks to a web page, you have the possibility that your resume appears among the first results and shows you as you wish.

2. Show your personality: what a role can't reflect is the general impression of how you are. Precisely, in Human Resources they not only want to know your work experience, but also your character and your personality. Convince them with your online resume that you're the ideal partner for the food break too!

3. Help talent scouts find you: although companies still don't know you, they know perfectly the skills they are looking for. If you manage to "present your skills effectively" in your online resume, surely your page will appear among the first search engine results.

4. Prove that you're an internet guru: today, for many jobs, it's necessary to be up to date on the internet. By creating a web page with your resume, you'll demonstrate that you perfectly master this field.

5. Get rid of the rest: a web page will make your job application stand out above those of the other candidates. And if it's a creative position, with an online resume you have the possibility to present your work in a much more visual way.

It's that easy you can create a web page for your resume

Let's do it! We recommend you start creating your online resume by following these basic steps:


Your website is going to be your cover letter to convince Human Resources managers that you're the person they are looking for. First of all, it's very important that both your name and the description of your position are clearly read in the title and in the header of your home page. Then introduce yourself briefly as a person and as a professional.

Unless you're graphic designer, set a single color for the background of your page and place the best of your images in the content area with an image module. For the design of your website, you should choose a simple template variant, with few subpages and tabs in the navigation menu.

Template recommendations In general, the best resume web pages are simple and straightforward. You will not need a template with many subpages in the navigation menu. Search google and you'll get very good options.


Some people place the resume on the home page. The advantage of doing so is that the Human Resources manager can read all the information quickly, without having to click.

There is also the possibility to enter the resume in a subpage and customize it to your liking with the style options. With the text modules you can present your work experiences and order them using the modules of titles and horizontal lines.

In any case, be sure to structure your resume as clearly as possible, since companies want to know quickly why you're the ideal candidate for the job they are looking for.

Labor references

Many people supplement their resume with a list of references. In this way, the person in charge of Human Resources will be able to call the companies in which you have worked to make sure about how well you work. To save them this work, in the web page for your resume you can present texts with the recommendations, so that they can read them directly when accessing your site.

Therefore, ask your managers, co-workers or clients to write a text highlighting your qualities and explaining the advantages of working with you. When you have them, place these references on a subpage of your website.

Work samples

One of the main advantages of an online resume is that it allows you to show your work directly, instead of having to describe them in an abstract way. Here you have the opportunity to distance yourself from classic resumes and highlight your creativity.

If you work in a visual or creative field, in this subpage you can include images, videos and links to your work. But even if your profession is more "traditional", on your website you can present examples of your work and highlight your achievements in this way. Think about what successes make you more proud and describe them in the most visual way possible.


Make sure your website visitors can easily contact you. To do this, you can create a subpage with your contact details and even with a form module so that your visitors can contact you directly from your website. Or, if you prefer, enter your contact information at the bottom of your page, so that they appear on all subpages.

Own domain

So that you can demonstrate to companies that you take your professional aspirations very seriously, it's highly recommended to register your own domain. The best would be a domain with your name, but if yours is a very common name (such as John Smith), surely this domain will not be available. In this case, we recommend entering a reference to your profession, as long as the resulting domain is not too long (

More ideas for your online resume

Don't skimp on words when writing texts for your web page. Why? Basically, because texts allow search engines to find you. If you consider that your resume contains too much text, try implementing these ideas:

Links to press articles about you.

- Links to texts that you have published on other pages or blogs. You can also create your own blog and link it.
- Videos of your most successful presentations.
- Feeds of your profiles on social networks.
- Services like Infogram help you create infographics.

What you should and should not do when building your online resume

- You can also offers a resume in classic format for download: the most classic Human Resources managers will thank you. Some need the paper version for the selection process. With the download module, you can upload your resume in PDF format.
- Don't divide your resume into several subpages: if you create subpages for the different sections (training, work experience, etc.), visitors will have to make several clicks until they finish reading it. Therefore, we recommend that you place all the information on the same subpage.
- Enter links to your profiles on social networks that are relevant to your job search.
- Avoid adding unnecessary information: companies just want to know the most important information about you, so you should limit yourself to presenting the most relevant information.
- Invest time and money in quality photography.
- Don't invest more time in the design than in the content of your page: although companies will positively value the background or typography of your website, to convince them that you're the ideal candidate, you must describe your experience and your knowledge with the words correct.

The best website for your resume develops with you and your career

With a web page you can update or edit your resume whenever you need it. For example, introduce a new professional experience. And, when you have the position of your dreams, you can convert your resume into an online portfolioor blog.

Best of Luck!

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