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Hiring and Workplace Diversity


If your company is currently working with an executive search firm, allow recruiters to help you form a diverse workforce. The important thing is to establish a mandate of diversity and a goal in advance. Inform your hiring company that you would like to fill your staff with employees of different ethnicities. Also, define the percentages that you would like your recruiters to meet.

There are several reasons to make cultural diversity a priority in their hiring practices. First, federal law prohibits discrimination based on several factors, one of which is race. Negligence in including ethnic diversity in your work could give the wrong impression.

Secondly, a staff formed by numerous ethnic groups offers an enriched perspective and a varied palate of experiences. These perspectives and experiences can be valuable in solving work-related challenges.

Third, a work rich in diversity will better identify the range of ethnicities in the surrounding community. Only that can thank your company with the residents of your city.

Is there enough diversity in your workforce?

How can you determine if your staff is diverse enough? How can you tell if your work is culturally balanced or if some groups are underrepresented, a problem that grows in complexity with the size of your organization?

The simplest approach is to survey your staff regarding their cultural composition. Ask employees to differentiate their race. The survey data should reveal which groups, if any, constitute a percentage lower than the average of their staff.

Conduct the survey at least once a year. If your company hires a large volume of employees, it may be necessary to do it more frequently. If you do, you'll help your human resources department to avoid neglecting certain ethnicities during the hiring process.

Working with executive recruiters to improve staff diversity

An executive search company can play a crucial role in selecting candidates interested in vacant positions in your company. Professional recruiters will do “heavy work” when it comes to qualifying and interviewing potential candidates. As such, they are in an ideal position to ask about a candidate's ethnicity and work to increase diversity in their overall workforce.

Earlier we mentioned that it's important to establish a diversity directive regarding your hiring strategy. This directive must be accompanied by precise contracting objectives. For example, your human resources department may discover that certain ethnic groups are poorly represented in the cultural composition of their staff. The deficiencies can be resolved by adjusting the objectives of dismissal of your company with respect to groups with little representation.

Once you have defined your hiring goals, share them with your hiring agency. The only way your recruiters will be able to focus on creating a culturally diverse staff is if you ask them to do so and provide clear objectives.

How to manage a culturally diverse staff

The management of a staff of many ethnic groups will present challenges. Different cultures communicate differently, make decisions differently and work in teams differently. They also interact with their peers, supervisors and subordinates differently.

It's important that managers communicate openly the value of a diverse workforce. Doing so will help calm frustrations and prevent minor problems from arising among employees.

Managers must set an example. They must ensure that each team member feels valued and respected. Making it clear will help motivate them to reach their respective goals and make a positive contribution to the company's mission.

If the work environment becomes tense due to the lack of tolerance among employees of different ethnicities, it may be beneficial to organize a cultural sensitivity training. Such training can bridge the gaps and help your staff work together in a more cohesive way.

Building a culturally diverse workforce with the help of their recruiters

Executive search companies help companies fill their vacant positions with talented and reliable executives. But they can do much more. One of the many ways in which a hiring agency can add immense value is to help its clients improve the cultural diversity reflected in their respective work forces. Greater diversity can lead to improve staff morale, decrease staff turnover and improve overall results.

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