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Reasons For Hiring Staff


Business is good. The order portfolio is growing steadily and more and more new customers are finding you. The result is more sales, but also a large workload, too long working days and a continuous lack of time. Time to hire staff? Do the check.

You are a successful independent entrepreneur. Your business is prospering and sales are growing. Nice, but busy, busy, busy. More and more often you consider looking for your first employee. Hiring staff, when do you do that? This article outlines six situations in which it may pay to hire an employee.

1. Do you expect more sales?

For many entrepreneurs, a strong economy is noticeable in their order portfolio. Do you expect to be able to attract more customers in the coming period? Is it likely that your current customers will order more? In that case it's good to check whether you can respond to this and how you will approach that. Can you handle extra structural orders? Will you manage with the current method? If the answer is no, then it's time to consider hiring your first employee.

2. Are you missing new opportunities in the market?

Even though your business is running smoothly, it still remains as an entrepreneur to recognize and seize market opportunities. Do you see developments or opportunities that you can successfully respond to with your products or services? Do you coordinate your offer with market demand in time? Or are you short of time to think about the future and are you particularly busy with the issues of the day? In that case, it might be a good idea to free up time for yourself by attracting an extra force.

3. Do you reject assignments due to a lack of capacity?

If you do something, then you do it well. A commendable motto, but it also has its shadow side. Does it regularly occur that you cannot meet the request of a (potential) customer? Do you have to sell 'no' more often? Do not underestimate the negative consequences of this. A missed order usually means a lost customer. Calculate what an extra pair of hands in your company would mean for your turnover.

4. Will there be structural work?

Half an hour does not make anyone happy; not you and certainly not your customers. Structural lack of time is a sign that it's time to do things differently. For example, by hiring (more) staff. If you continuously follow the facts, the quality of the work will certainly suffer. See if it's possible to have someone else perform certain parts of the work.

5. Is the number of complaints increasing?

A growing number of complaints is often a sign that something is no longer running optimally in business operations. Find out which procedures and methods you can tighten and where you can implement improvements. Often the cause of complaints can be traced to a reduced focus or lack of time. Thanks to extra staff you can give customers the attention they deserve. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also your own job satisfaction.

6. Is your private life at risk?

Working weeks of 70 hours or more, for many entrepreneurs it's the rule rather than the exception. As long as everything runs smoothly, there is no dirt in the air. Do you notice that it's going to pinch? And will your job satisfaction and the quality of your work be compromised? Does your partner or family complain that you are so little at home or has your social life been on the back burner for a long time? Then it might be worthwhile to look for your first employee.

Being an employer, something for you?

Did you answer yes to one or more of the above questions? Then it might be time for extra auxiliary troops. Hiring staff is often a big step for small entrepreneurs. After all, you suddenly become an employer of a self-employed person.

Cost and benefit analysis

If you have come to the conclusion that you would like to attract an employee, then it's wise to make the most realistic possible estimate of the costs and benefits. Do you need someone on a regular or structural basis? What do you get with an extra pair of hands? What budget do you have for this? Is it wise to hire someone full-time, or is it better to start with someone on a part-time basis? Or is a zero-hour contract the solution for you?

If you have doubts about whether hiring staff is a good idea, then you could also consider starting with a flexible solution,such as a temporary worker, a self-employed person, a working student or an intern.

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