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Staff to Hire For an Online Store


Many successful web stores hire staff. What kind of people can you hire as an owner of such an online store? Read what you can look out for when hiring shop staff.

There is a lot involved when running an online store. You are responsible for matters such as marketing, customer service and administration. As a web shop owner you do most of the work yourself at the start. But if your web store is experiencing significant growth, it can be interesting to hire staff.

By giving things out of your hands, you can work with full attention on the success of your web store. You can also decide to hire a specialist (temporarily or otherwise) because you cannot be at home in all markets. In addition, it's important that the people you attract have the right characteristics.

Properties web shop staff

Computer skills

Every web store depends on computers and systems, including CRM systems and inventory management systems. It's recommended that an employee has experience with this or can acquire the required skills in a short time. This makes it widely applicable and you do not have to hire external parties as quickly. You already have the required knowledge in-house.

Customer focus

There is a lot of competition between online stores. If you want to win the battle for the customer, your employees must at least be aware of the customer's needs. A healthy dose of customer focus is therefore an absolute must, also for people who are not directly involved with customers. For example, even when creating and maintaining a website you have to know what the customer wants.


The staff of an online store often has multiple hats on. An employee must be flexible enough to take on a variety of tasks. Because at one point it may be necessary for him to answer customer questions, while at the same time he packs orders. Many web stores cannot afford to hire people for every specialty.

Specialist webshops


No successful web store without marketing. This is perhaps one of the most important specialties. For example, more and more web stores use a blog as a marketing tool, making a good copywriter indispensable. You can, for example, use it on a freelance basis. You also have specialists in the field of findability and advertising in search engines.

Customer service

It's important that questions from customers are answered fully and on time. That must also be the case if you are not present for a moment. It therefore pays to invest for a longer term in customer service employees who know your products through and through. It's also possible that you hire someone to respond as a webcare employee to messages on social media.


At a smaller web store, the web store owner is usually responsible for fulfillment or order processing. As the web store grows, this activity is usually outsourced to an external party. For example, this can be a fulfillment company or a social workplace. Finally, very large web stores such as Wehkamp do this themselves again, because they are dealing with large volumes.


Web shops are getting more and more tax and administrative obligations. With software for inventory management and administration you can arrange many things yourself. However, it may be wise to hire someone to support you in this area, such as an accountant. This not only saves a lot of time that you can spend on the growth of your web store, but it also reduces the chance of costly mistakes.

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