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Tips For Hiring a Self Employed Person


More and more companies are hiring a self-employed person without staff. As an entrepreneur you naturally want to tackle this in a professional manner. Seven tips for hiring a self-employed person.

1. Ensure a win-win situation

It's important that cooperation is beneficial for both parties. To achieve such a win-win situation, you get to work with good commissioning. This means that you keep sufficient eye on the interests of a self-employed person. You do this, for example, by offering decent rates and not by using lengthy payment terms. On the other hand, you can expect a self-employed person to behave as a good contractor.

2. Avoid legal and fiscal pitfalls

With self-employed people you have to pay attention to legal and fiscal pitfalls. If you do not do this, it can cost a lot. For example, it's possible that the tax authorities require that you still pay wage tax and social security contributions in the case of a disguised employment contract. You are on slippery ice if the situation strongly resembles an employed person. In addition, legal problems may arise if you do not properly record agreements with a self-employed person.

3. Give all the details on a silver platter

A self-employed person must be able to form a good picture of the assignment. Therefore, preferably give all details as early as possible on a silver platter. What activities do you want to have performed? How long will these take? When will you be satisfied? By answering such questions, it quickly becomes apparent whether a collaboration is interesting. The self-employed can also make you a better offer with this information that fits the work.

4. Get to know each other better

Many freelancers work online and also find new clients in this way. Especially with longer assignments it can be nice to get to know each other a little better first. Therefore invite the self-employed person for a personal introduction. During the exploratory conversation you can see from both sides whether it clicks. At the same time you introduce the self-employed to your company and the colleagues involved in the assignment.

5. Take the test to the sum

A test assignment provides insight into the qualities of a self-employed person. As a result, you already take the test before you hire someone for a longer period of time. As a test assignment you can first have a small part of the work done. You then pay attention to, among other things, the quality of the work delivered, compliance with agreements and the way in which you communicate. Always agree in advance how you will use the work and what reimbursement is in return.

6. Lead the assignment in the right direction

A self-employed person is independent but needs sufficient guidance. To steer the assignment in the right direction, you can appoint a project manager or other colleague. As a point of contact, he or she can, for example, answer questions from the self-employed and resolve any problems in a timely manner. It's also possible that this employee monitors the progress of the assignment and checks whether the work is being carried out satisfactorily.

7. Give a token of appreciation

Does a self-employed person live up to expectations? Then a token of appreciation is certainly appropriate. For example, you can provide feedback about the assignment afterwards. Let us know what you're satisfied with and write a recommendation for the self-employed person. In this way you conclude the assignment in a pleasant way and you keep the door open for possible future collaborations.

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