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How Can Hiring Managers Help


Find out How a Hiring Mnager Helps You

The human resources manager is the employee who applied for a new position. Or, the hiring manager is the person requesting an employee to fill an open job. The hiring manager is the employee to whom the new employee will report when hired. The human resources director is a key member of the employee recruitment team.

As the initiator of a position or the need for an employee, the human resources director is the head of the employee selection team.

He or she is the employee who works with Human Resources to fill the vacancy at each step of the organization's hiring process.

Beginning with the recruitment planning meeting, the hiring manager participates in all aspects of employee recruitment. He reviews incoming curricula and applications. He makes the initial telephone interview to determine if applicants are qualified enough to deserve the time spent by employees in an interview on the site.

The human resources director participates in both the first and second interviews. If the potential employee is in your company's location for more than these two meetings, the hiring manager greets the candidate at each visit.

Participate fully in the process whenever possible interviews with employees help the manager begin to establish a relationship with the candidate. This is the first step in long-term employee retention that begins before an employee even starts his new job.

Throughout this hiring time period, Human Resources staff helps the human resources director at every step of the process. They review the initial applications, deliver the short list to the director of human resources and help with the selection of the interview team.

HR schedules interviews, participates in the first and second interviews, and helps with the final selection and job offer.

Tasks before making a job offer

The hiring manager also works with Human Resources to determine the appropriate compensation for the position, usually makes the job offer and negotiates the details and timeline of the new employee accepting and starting work.

As demonstrated, Human Resources is available to assist the manager in every step of the recruitment and hiring process, but the manager is the key person who must own the process . He or she has more to gain or lose after their department's investment in incorporation, training, relationship building and final job success or the failure of the new employee.

The hiring manager determines the start date of the new employee and is responsible for planning the orientation and incorporation of the new employee. It also makes the final decision about the new employee's mentor and the description of the employee's job. She sends the new employee welcome letter and makes the new employee announcement.

Making the hiring decision

The hiring manager plays a critical role in deciding who to hire as a new employee. While the details of this job may vary from company to company, the hiring manager is always important in the hiring decision. In most organizations, she may not be the only person who makes decisions, but she does have veto power.

In the hiring team approach, which is strongly recommended, the hiring manager would establish an information session to receive feedback from employees who interviewed potential employees. Then, a much smaller team of employees that will include the HR manager and HR will make the decision to hire and prepare the job offer.

This role is another example of the responsibilities that come with the job title of the manager within an organization. Employees who have the position of manager have various responsibilities for people and functions. In general, because each manager's job is different, a manager has these job responsibilities. Hiring, incorporating, managing and retaining staff is a big part of the job.

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