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How Do You Ask for an Experience Letter


After the end of your employment, the employer is obliged to provide you with a certificate.

Ask Anytime for an Experience Letter, It's Your Right!

It doesn't matter whether you resign or not. It's often the case that you have to ask the employer for this yourself. In this document the employer explains when you were employed, how many hours you worked and what your position was. This can be useful for future applications. We therefore always recommend that you ask your employer for it. If it's necessary for your applications, then you have it at least to hand.


Always ask the employer to give you a certificate. This can help you in your search for another job.

Your performance in a certificate

If you wish, you can ask the employer to include in the certificate how you did your work. You can also ask whether your employer states why the employment contract was terminated. Don't ask if there is a chance that the employer will be negative about you. Incidentally, the employer may not put that information in the certificate without your request! So always check yourself what is in it.


You can use your certificate for future applications. It's not customary to send it with an application letter. You can, however, hand it over when asked for in a job interview.

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