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How Do You Introduce Yourself in a Cover Letter


The introduction is the first paragraph of your cover letter and should be brief and business-like. In at most three to four sentences you introduce yourself and state what your intention is.

It's perhaps the most difficult part of every cover letter: the introduction. Once you have written the beginning and you have the flow, the rest is often much easier. In this article you'll read about writing the introduction of your cover letter.

Does the introduction have to be original?

Originality is the point that most applicants stumble upon when writing their letters. However, a cover letter doesn't have to be astonishingly original. It must be specially effective. Originality is only a side issue.

It's indeed true that originality is often appreciated by recruiters, but it's absolutely not a condition. If you have trouble starting the original, simply see the opening sentence as an introduction to yourself and as a declaration of intent. Nothing more, nothing less. You may not stand out in this way, but you'll not be out of tune either. That's fine, since your sales arguments only come forward later in the letter.

What is specially important is that you're clear in your intention, use the same language as in the vacancy, that you keep it short and that you don't make any gross mistakes. If you have these four things in order, then a boring introduction is no objection and you have a strong cover letter.

Examples of introductions for cover letters

With a lot of enthusiasm I read your vacancy for the position of financial employee. As a starter in the job market who holds a freshly printed Administrative Assistant diploma, I think I'm an excellent match. In this letter I will tell you why I'm of this opinion.

I'm very interested in the starting position as advertised by you on Application Doctor. In this letter I will explain why I think I'm an excellent candidate based on both job requirements and corporate culture.

On the advice of your colleague and my good friend S. John, I apply for the position of Tax Advisor. The information that I read on your website about the position as well as the vision and culture that I have learned through S. John have made me very enthusiastic. In this letter I will explain why I think I'm an excellent candidate.

Following the pleasant telephone conversation with [person] on [date] and the information I received at that time, I'm applying with great enthusiasm for the position of marketing manager for the New York branch.

In response to your advertisement in the Telegraaf of 13-04-2012, I would like to express my interest in the vacancy of social worker in this way. Here you indicate that you're looking for a communicative, flexible employee with an affinity for psychiatry. In this letter I will explain to you why these characteristics are made for me.

On the recommendation of your colleague, Mrs Jaspers, I'm sending you my resume. The information that I have already received from your colleague has strengthened my belief that [company] and I can be of great value to each other. In this letter I will explain what this belief is based on.

Examples of introductions for an open cover letter

The introduction to an open cover letter looks slightly different than the 'regular cover letter'. With the open cover letter it's particularly important that you clearly state why you're applying at this specific company. After all, you don't have a vacancy on which you can base the letter.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the difference.

As a financial manager with 15 years of experience in shipping, I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Mark and I'm looking for a new challenge. Your colleague [name] drew my attention to the reorganization in your company and thought that I would fit in well with your team. After some questions about the general activities and culture within the company, I became very enthusiastic. Through this letter I will try to make this feeling mutual.

After years of working as a graphic designer at a large advertising agency, I came to the conclusion that I'm ready for a new challenge. After some inquiries with some of your colleagues, I have come to the conclusion that my personal interests and those of [Company] seem to be on the same line. Through this letter I'm happy to accept the challenge to convince you of my suitability.

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