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How Do You Negotiate a Contract


Many professionals decide to change jobs to start new projects. In this sense, one of the most obvious elements that motivate this transition is the increase in salary. However, there are many other conditions that may interest you when negotiating the employment contract. We want to give you some advice so that when the time comes for negotiation you can convince your interlocutor.

Keep in mind that it's not necessary to obtain a new job to sign a different contract. In fact, we can ask for a change in our conditions and this can lead to having to negotiate the employment contract. In both cases it's advisable to adopt a series of attitudes that will help us communicate efficiently.

Tips for negotiating the employment contract

Negotiating the employment contract is an art that, in addition, you can use to demonstrate your skills. If during the negotiation you show good communicative skills, it's possible that the organization values ‚Äč‚Äčthem to a great extent. Therefore, this technique not only serves to obtain better conditions, but to convince the rest that you deserve it.

  • Value your skills. All the time you have been in the labor market is an indicator of your experience. If you don't value everything you have contributed in your previous positions, nobody will. Therefore, it's important that you evaluate your own skills, which will also help you define them easily. In addition, don't forget to also highlight everything you have contributed in your company or everything you could do for the new organization.
  • Be reasonable. The tone of the negotiation may vary depending on several factors. For example, you can't demand the same if you're unemployed or if you already have a job. Recruiters tend to value more those people who want to leave their company to work on theirs. Therefore, if we don't have work, it's advisable to show humility but firmly demonstrate what we know how to do.
  • Show ambition. If you present yourself as someone who is too humble, you may go unnoticed. However, it's not advisable to go to the other extreme and set goals that exceed your level of experience. It's important to find the point of balance, but always proposing a salary fork that fits your profile.
  • Prepare the interview. Yes, we know that this advice may be obvious, but not everyone has it. Preparing the interview beforehand can make the difference between getting or not getting that new job or the desired salary review. Doing this will help you better expose your arguments and ideas. Remember that you're trying to convince someone, something quite similar to a business deal, so you have to maintain a lucid, agile and adaptive attitude.
  • Find out. One of the things that you're most interested in knowing before negotiating the contract is the salary of other professionals who have a profile similar to yours. In this way, taking into account your experience, your skills and the liquidity of the organization you can calculate what approximate number you can demand. You'll play with advantage!

A little extra advice if you're very sure of your success or if you're sure that you're interested in the company:

  • Don't accept the first. If they propose an interesting deal, you'll surely want to accept it as soon as possible. However, if you know that the company loves only you it's recommended that you think about it and wait for a new proposal on your part. You could get a much greater compensation than you think!

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