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How Do You Write a Job Posting


Write a job posting

A successful recruitment and selection procedure isn't possible without a catchy job advertisement. Writing a good job posting 'vacancy' takes time. Be creative and make your ad stand out.

Why is a good job posting ad writing necessary?

  • There is probably a shorter application procedure
  • Greater chance of good candidates for the position

What preparation is necessary?

  • Set your goal to
    • Find the most suitable employee
    • Present the company
  • Draw up a clear job profile or competence profile . Do not use standard terms here either. Be distinctive!
  • Think in advance which recruitment method you choose , the traditional media or the internet
  • Which trade magazines, newspapers and sites do the potential candidates visit?

Which structure and style do you choose?

Speak to the imagination, because a good job posting text ensures more appropriate responses and that increases the chance of a successful filling of the vacancy. Write your vacancy for the medium, the newspaper or internet, and the target group.

  • Structure
    • Logical order
    • Paragraphs
    • Subhead above each paragraph
    • One topic per paragraph
    • Easier reading of short sentences
  • Style
    • Address the reader. Use you or your.
    • Speak from the organization as we.
    • Start with the punch line : Tell the applicant why the job is so unique and interesting.
    • Why is the company different? What kind of employer am I, and why would an applicant want to work here?
    • Do not talk too much from within the organization, but from the applicant.
    • Make the text active . Otherwise you create distance.
      • Not: You will be offered training.
      • Do: We offer you training.
    • Avoid using verbs as a noun.
      • Not: Writing Internet texts.
      • Do: You write internet texts?
    • Ask questions. Do you have a passion for the internet? We are looking for..
    • Invite; Interested? Then respond.
Choose a design that matches the image of the company and adjust the tone to that of the applicant.

What should you at least write in a vacancy?

When writing the job posting vacancy, only choose relevant information, the trick is to leave it out. What is the essence? What is your new employee looking for?

Information about:

  • Company. Why is your company unique
  • What is the organizational culture, be specific
  • What is the work atmosphere like
  • Choose a clear job title
  • The job description with the job requirements (knowledge, skills and talents)
  • Training requirements
  • The primary employment conditions and the additional secondary employment conditions
  • The application procedure; the manner of response and deadline
  • Company details (contact person, address and telephone number, site)

Writing an internet job posting advertisement

Nowadays the labor market can be approached in different ways. The Internet as a recruitment channel provides a new dimension for jobseekers and employers.

Writing tips for internet vacancies

Some extra rules apply to the internet when drawing up vacancies:

  • Short sentences
  • Short paragraphs
  • Use white space
  • Work with lists of three to four words
  • Post photos and films with the vacancy or on your site
  • Place links in the vacancy text so that the applicant can immediately find more information on the internet

Example job posting vacancy text

A hip internet company is looking for a new employee. In this case, put the ad on the site and on all social networks. Speak the applicant's language.

"Are you looking for the benefits of a large organization, but you can't afford to miss the personal atmosphere of your current job? Content Tigers is Internet 2.0: fast and interactive. Do you still dream of keywords and Google at night and do you even convert your shopping note into web texts? Read on for our vacancy and your new job. More information can be found on our site, LinkedIn and Twitter. "

After placing the job posting advertisement, the following actions are: selecting cover letters and conducting interviews .

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