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How Do You Prepare a Resume?

It's necessary to bear in mind that the first impression that the employer will have of you is the resume; Through him they will know you. After reading it, he will decide whether to call you for a job interview or not. In an interview, the employer may ask for clarification or ask questions, however, if your resume is not clear, it will not summon you for a vacant position.

It should turn the knowledge and work experiences most representative of your profile and work history. It's important to identify the skills, knowledge and tasks developed in work, training and other development areas. Don't forget to include internships, community activities, and ad honorem jobs.

It must be concrete, clear and precise in the description. Select the most representative elements of your work profile, those that are most linked to the position you're applying to, reflecting your work history. If you plan to apply for different positions, it will be helpful to write more than one resume. The advantage is the possibility of highlighting the strengths of your experience, adapting it according to the required profile. In the Employment Offices you will find personalized assistance to prepare your resume. You can also participate in group workshops that address this issue.

Recommendations to Prepare a Resume

Place all your work experiences, don't omit any unless you consider that they are not compatible with the position to which you apply. I included all your knowledge, skills or knowledge acquired in your working life, don't forget those familiar learning (the use of a machine, some tasks of a trade), although they have not been acquired in formal institutions are valuable. On the Internet you will find pages that will help you describe the functions and / or tasks of the different jobs. From there you can take several ideas or ways to describe your work experience (if you look for the definition of a position you will find all the tasks related to it). It's convenient to assemble a "base" model to which you can add or remove data, depending on the position you're looking for.

Make your CV on computer. If you don't have a computer, the Employment Offices will help you. Keep in mind that there are resume models that can guide you. The information must be detailed, brief and easy to understand. The format must be easy to read, organized and neat. Use a font type and size that is easy to read. You can accompany it with a cover letter (see cover letter). Use short phrases, don't write difficult words or very specific use of a company, don't use abbreviations or acronyms. Use bold or italic letters for the data you need to highlight (dates, companies, jobs). Review the texts carefully to avoid misspellings.

About the Content

Personal data: name and surname, address, location, zip code, telephone, email. It's not essential to include date of birth, ID, marital status, children. This information can be provided in the interview. Include it if expressly requested, for example in a notice.

Training: lists the completed studies: primary, secondary, tertiary, university. It will clarify years of graduation, degree obtained and establishment where you did the studies. The less relevant can be omitted, f or example, if you're studying in the faculty it's not essential that you mention the primary studies. If you're a recent graduate or an advanced student and have a good average, add it. Details all courses, workshops, internships or seminars related to the position, including year, establishment and location.

Work experience: there are different ways of organizing information according to the type of resume. Here you will find two models, their main features and recommendations on their use. Read the section “Resume Types” carefully to define which model is the most convenient according to your work history.

Additional information: it's necessary to detail: if you use specific machinery or tools of any trade, professional specialty or branch of activity. Languages, clarifying the establishment and years in which he studied and level reached (intermediate, basic, etc.). Computer science, detail the systems, tools and utilities you drive. Indicate if you have special licenses (cars, weapons, health book, etc.), publications, etc.

Objective: this information is not mandatory but can be added to order the reading of the resume prioritizing interests, experiences or knowledge. At this point you can mention, among other things, the desire to learn and develop in a branch of activity, the possibilities of traveling or schedules, your willingness to progress in a certain area, the contribution you can make to the company, some characteristic that you think is relevant to mention or that the employer is expressly seeking.

Remuneration: it's not essential to enter it. If you know what the remuneration you want, clarify it. This data can save you an interview.

References: if possible, I included names and phone numbers of people who can give good references. If they are people linked to previous work, clarify it. If this were not possible, I included people with whom I had developed some community, social, teaching, etc. task.

Resume Writing Example

Laura Smith Telephone: 15-xxxx-678
Address: ... New York 235

Join a company that allows me to develop as a secretary and where I can provide the knowledge gained in my working life.


Alcatel SA
Position: Secretary of General Management
Completed tasks:
Administrative management: processing of documentation generated in general management. Preparation of mails, reports and documents in general. Armed with the manager's agenda. Coordination of motorized messenger collections. Coordination of delivery and distribution of documents to all areas. Care providers. Administrative control via files.
Operational management: classification and distribution of correspondence and documentation received. Telephone attention and referral. Distribution of internal communications and documents to the areas. Coordinate with the department heads the use of the meeting room and supplies.
Period: February 2011 to the present.

Segma Int.
Position: Secretary
Tasks performed: Absenteeism control. Management and archiving of documentation in files. Organization of owner interviews. Attention of telephone calls. Banking procedures and maturities. Management of payments to suppliers. Customer service. Mailing
Period: March 2008 - December 2010

South Medical Office
Position: Receptionist
Tasks performed: Telephone support. Shift management Daily log of calls made and received. Reception and sending of correspondence.
Period: January 2005 - December 2007.

Superior Normal School General.
Title obtained: commercial expert.
Period: 2000 to 2004.

XYZ Institute
Course: Excell levels 1 and 2
Period: March to December 2010.
Course: Word levels 1 and 2.
Period: March to June 2009.
Course: General PC management.
Period: March to May 2008.

Additional information
Remuneration sought: $ XXXX
Hourly Availability: from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

John Cole: Head of Department, tel. 15-xxx
Adriana Marchel: dermatologist, Sur Medical Office, tel. 15 xxx

How is a Cover Letter Written?

It's the letter that accompanies and complements the resume. Its objective is the presentation for a specific position. You can highlight in it something of what your resume says and go more directly to the employer. You can mention a specific work history, a company where you worked, a skill or knowledge, something that wants to stand out from the work profile or your work objectives. It also allows you to respond directly to something that the employer is asking for through your notice or poster. That is, it guides the reading of the resume. You must say what is necessary, in a simple and clear way. The cover letter can stand out from other applicants as it's more personal than the resume. A letter can also be the means to advertise a service or product.

  • Make your letter on computer. If you don't have a computer, the Employment Offices will help you.
  • Keep in mind that there are models of letters that can guide you.
  • It must be formal and simple, of little length and easy to understand.
  • The format and typeface should be easy to read, organized and neat.
  • Use short sentences, it's not necessary to repeat your entire Curriculum, remember that it serves to highlight something.
  • You can use underline, bold or italic font for the data you need to highlight.
  • Remember to be concrete. It will separate the information into paragraphs.
  • Review the texts carefully, to avoid misspellings.

Body of the Cover Letter

  • Initial greeting and presentation.
  • Make references about the vacancy that is available, that is, if you're responding to a notice, if you spontaneously present yourself at the company, if you go through a specific area, etc. Specifically mention which position or area you're interested in. This represents that you know where you're going and why you do it.
  • A brief description of your job skills. Relate your ability and knowledge with the position to be filled. Another alternative is to mention some work experience that is linked to the position or the company. Or highlight personality characteristics or interest to perform that position or enter that company. If none of these options help you, it's not mandatory to write something and you can choose not to.
  • Request an interview or request to be taken into account for that search or another that may arise.
  • Last goodbye.
  • Your signature.

Cover Letter Writing Example

Mark Q. Applicant
123 Main Street
Town-Name, NY 12345

Janit Antony
Manager, Human Resources
ABC Logistics
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 12345

February 15, 2019

Subject: Administrative job vacancy

Of my greatest consideration:

I address you by the notice published in [Company Website], on May 5, in which you request an administrative employee for the Purchasing area.

Because of my training and experience, I consider myself qualified to perform the functions and tasks in that position, since I have carried out similar work in the XYZ Company for 3 years, as described in the attached resume. In addition, my accounting studies carried out at the Belgrano Institute gave me the necessary technical knowledge to be able to carry out my tasks with solidity.

I would like to be taken into account to fill the vacancy, since I believe that my motivation and creativity can contribute to the good performance of the task. I ask you to evaluate the possibility of holding an interview to expand aspects of my profile.


Mark Q. Applicant

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