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How Do You Write a Short Application Letter


Have you found a nice job opening and do you have to write a short application letter? That can be quite difficult. Therefore make an application letter based on an example. Also read useful tips and advice for writing a brief application letter. Scroll down for an example .

Write a short application letter

Writing a short but powerful application letter requires the necessary attention. But reassure yourself, most applicants aren't good at it, which means that you can distinguish yourself. Make sure you write a concise, original and good application letter so that you immediately have a head start in the application process.

You can divide an application letter into three parts: introduction, core and conclusion. Every component requires the necessary attention and guidelines. In the introduction you must use a catchy opening sentence and make a personal first paragraph. In the core you treat your personal characteristics, previous education and work experience. Finally, you thank the assessor for his attention.

In addition to the content part, spelling and grammar is an important part of your application letter. If you make mistakes in this, you immediately make a sloppy and uninterested impression. Therefore have your application letter checked by a friend who is good in the Dutch language.

Writing a short application letter - example

Whether you write a short application letter on a vacancy as a sales employee, administrative assistant or a position in healthcare, the structure of an application letter is always the same. Below you'll find an example application letter applicable to a job as a nurse. Note : use the example to support your own personalized application letter. The words shaded in red are made up and must be replaced anyway.

Place of residence, date

Maastricht, August 16, 2018


Subject: Motivation for a position as a nurse

Salutation (use name)

Dear Mr. Kruisen ,


On the ABC website there is an open vacancy as a nurse for the ENT department. After seeing this vacancy I contacted HRM. As a result of this interview, I got a clear picture of the competencies, tasks and requirements and I'm convinced that they fit my profile.


From the age of 12 I have been working on a weekly basis to perform nursing duties because some family members need nursing assistance. Think of personal care such as washing, changing and dressing. I gained a lot of energy from the appreciation of my family, which encouraged me to choose the HBO nursing course.

Since last year I have a bachelor's degree and am looking for a challenge in this field. My personal characteristics are in line with this vacancy. I'm communicative, helpful, patient and inquisitive to better master nursing technical actions. Consider introducing a probe or catheter.


Hopefully this application letter has caught your attention. I would like to get to know more in a personal conversation. You'll find my resume in the attachment above. Awaiting your answer.


Jessica Droesen


Points of attention

Writing a short and concise application letter requires the necessary attention on a number of points:

  • Indicate immediately how you found the vacancy and why you're the suitable candidate. The opening sentence must be personal, attract attention and provide information about why you're applying for an internship, job or training. Keep in mind that the introduction is essential in the assessment, specially with sought-after vacancies. With a moderate introduction, your application letter is sometimes not even processed.
  • Go through the job description and requirements. Then consider which characteristics, diplomas and certificates obtained match the vacancy. Match the competencies in such a way that recruiters can't read over your profile.
  • Make sure you formulate a short and powerful story that's based solely on examples. For example, if you want to name a trait you don't suffice with the following sentence: "I'm described as inquisitive and ambitious." Recruiters want to see it in context. What shows that you're actually eager to learn and ambitious? Do you have examples? etc.
  • Sketch a picture of the future so that recruiters get a clear picture of your goal and mission in the field of work. Indicate how a certain position or internship contributes to your work experience and knowledge in a certain field.
  • Finally, you must politely ask for a personal interview. After all, you want to motivate your letter and CV in a personal interview. Note : In the conclusion you no longer have to argue or repeat why you're the suitable candidate.

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