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How Long Does an Employment Contract Last


How long are employment contracts valid?

You have the choice to offer an employee a contract for a definite or indefinite period. However, please note that you're not inadvertently attached to an employee.

Indefinite contract

An open-ended contract speaks for itself. As long as neither of them requests dismissal, the employment contract will remain unchanged. If you offer a contract for an indefinite period immediately upon commencement of employment, you can only dismiss the new employee free of charge during the probationary period.

Fixed term contract

A fixed-term contract has endless possibilities for the employer. A three-month, six-month or one-year employment contract is the most common option. At the end of such a contract you can say goodbye to each other for free. Please note that you have no or a clear cancellation period in the contract. If this is incorrectly prepared and you don't wish to extend the contract, you're obliged to terminate the contract with the employee in writing before the cancellation period. If you don't do this, the employee is entitled to a contract extension.

Extend a certain time

When a contract term expires, you can choose to renew the contract for a definite or indefinite period. If you opt for an extension with a fixed period of time, there are a number of rules that you as an entrepreneur must adhere to. For example, you're obliged to give an employee a permanent appointment after three temporary contracts or when the employee has been temporarily employed by you for - in my country - more than three years.

Project contract

The project contract also falls under the many types of temporary contracts. However, this deserves a separate explanation because different rules apply. The employment contract simply states what it is: it takes as long as the project for which the employee is hired lasts. That can be a month or two years, but you don't yet know exactly how long it will take. A project contract can then be a solution. The only condition for being able to offer a valid project contract is that the end date of the project is determined by third parties (and therefore not by the employer itself).

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