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How to Express Your Interest in the Job You Are Applying For


When preparing to go to job interviews, it's important that you take into account the types of questions that can be asked. That way you will have the opportunity to think about your answers in time so they don't catch you off guard during the interview. One of the questions they can ask you is: "What are you interested in about this work?" This question is usually asked to test the applicant's interest in the company and its strengths.

Show why you are interested in the company

List below the key points that will help you to answer successfully!

1- Get informed Before an interview. You should always take the time to inform yourself about the company. Find everything you can from your website. You can also do a search in the news section so you can see what he has done lately. Do not forget to read, for example, the company's mission to get an idea of ​​what that institution values.

Don't forget to read between the lines. Both mission statements and press releases can be intentionally dense. In the mission statements, look for keywords, such as “leaders,” which means that the company is or wants to be the best in the industry; "Innovation or innovator", which means that the company values ​​new and creative ideas and products; or "objective", which means that the company focuses its products on the industry. In the case of press releases, look for a positive turn. That is, if the company always seeks to give a positive turn to everything that happens within it. For example, the fact that the company takes "a new direction" may mean that one of its products has been a failure.

2- Pay attention to the culture. In other words, when you're informing yourself, don't just look for the mission statement. Find out what kind of culture you want to create that institution. They may have a relaxed atmosphere that values ​​creativity. They may prefer a strictly professional atmosphere. You must inform yourself about their culture so you can see if you can fit.

One of the ways to know what kind of culture they have is by analyzing the publications that the company makes on social networks. You may find out about the culture they want to create by analyzing the language of their publications or the photos they have uploaded.

Another way to know is by visiting the company in advance. Study the possibility of going and walking on the premises to give you an idea of ​​how they operate.

For example, many of the new social media technology companies (and even some of those already established) are famous for having relaxed cultures that foster innovation through group work. However, if you go.

3- Make notes While doing your previous research. Be sure to take notes. Make an outline of what defines the company and what it has done recently. Thus, you will have material to refer to while preparing for the interview.

4- Incorporate what you have learned in your response. The interviewer will be impressed with your previous investigation. However, you should not limit yourself to exposing what you know. Use it to say the best of the company and show why you want to work there.

For example, you shouldn't say, "I like it because they sell good products." Rather, you should say: “I was excited to see this job at XYZ Products. Their products are innovative, and last year's sales increase attests to that. In addition, I admire that you intentionally foster a culture of creativity, because I'm of the opinion that this is how innovation is created ”.

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