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How to Get a Career Promotion


Are you focused on your career? Do you have enough preparation and do you worry about keeping up to date? Are you a team player and are you committed to the goals of your company? If your answer to these questions has been a yes, surely you're a good candidate for a professional promotion.

However, the task ahead of you may be one of the most complex to solve. When it comes to getting promoted, there are many issues that no longer depend solely on you.

Promotions aren't a fact and, in addition, it may happen that to advance before you need to position yourself in some other position at a similar level. But that isn't an impediment to designing a promotion plan, especially if you consider strategies such as the following:

  • Continual improvement. To improve you have to measure, and precisely this quantification will help you to know how to achieve a better version of yourself, while you collect a record of all your achievements and their positive impact on the business . Refer to the tests.
  • Mentoring. If coaching can help you develop your best qualities and not lose focus on your goals, mentoring will bring you something very important, a contact that will train you, guide you and, when the time comes, can support your candidacy for professional promotion based on their experience working with you.
  • Network of contacts. Along the same lines, but at another level, you should know that the more people who know you and have the opportunity to verify your experience and capabilities, the more people will be aware of the value you can bring to the organization . This ensures a better chance that your name will be among those being shuffled the next time a career advancement opportunity arises .
  • Training. Recycling, updating and expanding knowledge and experience are your best letter of introduction and promotion. Do you want to occupy one of the managerial positions in your organization? Have you considered taking an MBA ? At the same time, ask for more responsibility, as this shows your interest and increases your value within the company.
  • Professionalism. Self-promotion begins with showing what you're capable of. Get involved in your tasks, make an effort to give more of yourself, make your contribution bring the business closer to success and show that you know how to cooperate and that you can be trusted. Education, empathy, order, self-control, a positive perspective, the ability to listen and ask questions when something isn't entirely clear will be your best allies.

In addition to all these strategies, don't forget to always remain attentive to the opportunities that arise to create your own opportunities. Do you see an area with potential for improvement? Do you think that some processes can be improved? Do you know how to reduce risk in certain operations? After studying the needs and challenges of your organization, work to develop the key skills that will help you in your project and it will not take you long to see results.

How to apply for a career promotion

In addition to deserving it , to be recognized with a professional promotion, sometimes, you also have to be able to identify the best opportunity to propose yourself as a candidate . Do you think the time has come to go to another level? Do you think the business would benefit from your contribution at a more strategic level? Applying for a promotion can help your line manager to recognize your qualities and take advantage of the moment to boost your career in the company.

The way to find out when it's time to launch has to do with:

  • Find out about the selection processes underway in the company: if there are vacancies at higher levels, internal candidates may be given the opportunity sooner. Periodically review new listings and apply for jobs that are appropriate to your experience and background. Show interest and submit a proposal with your resume.
  • Go ahead: Inform your manager about your concerns, your worth, and how you're preparing to move up. Openly comment that you're looking for a promotion.
  • Put the cards on the table: Inform your superiors if you're immersed in an active job search process , they may respond with a counter offer.

In addition to these tactics for career advancement , don't forget to:

  • Obtain references to support you in the event of a candidacy.
  • Prepare for the selection process and the promotion interview.
  • Research about the business needs and guide your training and preparation in that direction.

What can make you lose a career promotion

Just as there are ways to move the springs to achieve the desired career advancement , there are also ways to lose any chance of being recognized with a promotion.

These are behaviors and attitudes to avoid , such as:

  • Lack of update. It's certainly the best reason to lose interest in a candidate. Why give someone a professional promotion without the concern to improve? Where would this decision lead the company?
  • Insufficient planning. This error reflected in daily performance and the progress of ongoing activities can result in a slowdown in the pace of business if such an unmotivated individual is promoted.
  • Problems without solution. While constructive criticism or asking certain questions can help develop an improved version of a process, an area or the organization itself, complaining and not seeking or solving isn't positive. Without solutions or vision there can be no career advancement.
  • The law of least effort. It's clear, but for some professionals it's not obvious. Procrastination, laziness and lack of commitment aren't the way to go if what you're looking for is increased responsibility.

Do you see a professional promotion on the near horizon? Would you like to secure it with an MBA on your resume?

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