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How to Make Best Career Choice


What education should you read, and what job should you go for? we will ask you the questions that will help you find your match.

How to find out which career path to choose? The possibilities are many and this doesn't make the choice easier - on the contrary.

If you're also struggling with which education to choose, or perhaps have a job that doesn't match your gut feeling, then read on. An expert career coach answers here.

You're very young when choosing education. What are the pros and cons of it?

"The advantage of being young when you start having to make major decisions is that we are trained in making choices. It is recognized early on that a choice is not final but can always be changed. However, there are certain brain-related cognitive traits that are not yet in place when a person is so young. But one can also argue that young people are more in touch with their emotions. In adulthood, there are many of us who forget what we really want. "

What should you consider when choosing education?

"Will this make me happy? Proud? Can I feel it energizing me? For whose sake am I doing this? Do I want to thrive, grow and develop in this environment, this industry? Where are my skills, abilities, skills? If the goal of a specific job is super-strong, you may have to eat some things along the way, but you have to choose an education you bother going. If you don't enjoy attending the program, you're more likely to drop out or end up with stress signals over time - which is why it is important that you respond. It is very much the desire that drives the work. However, the desire must of course be combined with diligence, determination and will. You can possibly make a list of pluses and minuses, it gives a good overview. "

How do you know if you have chosen the right education?

"A really good benchmark is whether you're happy when you wake up in the morning. You should also have a general interest in the subject, where you would also read about the drug, even if you didn't go to study. However, there are several pointers and they are different for everyone. Some may notice that they forget time and place when talking about their study. For others, it is more of a feeling, and again, some may feel that they sleep well and safely at night. When the mix of challenges, skills and motivation meet in the good state of flow. Here it all goes into a higher unit.

In addition, it is a good idea to look at the amount of subjects that interest you. Looking forward to solving the tasks? Looking forward to the projects? Are there any of the things that you have easy to remember? Are you excited about the lectures? "

How important is it to have passion for what you do?

"I think that is important. Either for what you make or what you get out of it. If you're young today, you have to spend many years in the labor market, so it is important that you like what you do. However, it is unlikely to make you happy when you're 25 and 45 years old, respectively, so never be afraid to change direction. No choice in education and jobs is final. But try to put away the requirement to have the great passion a bit. If you just think it's nice and happy, that's fine. It's a good idea not to compare yourself to others - start with yourself instead. "

How to choose the right career?

"It's very much about getting to know yourself. What can't you read about in my spare time? What books are in your bookshelf? Try to look at something as simple as what you look at while browsing the web. Which articles do you read thoroughly, which ones do you shine and which do you not notice at all? In addition, try to think ahead and look at your goals. And lastly, remember that your choice is not final. You can easily change direction again later. "

Many don't know what they are passionate about or what they are good at. How to find out?

"That's a good question, because it's so easy to say that you just have to follow your passion. But what if you think you have no one? This is where it is important to get to know yourself. Try to break the word down and ask yourself some more basic questions; What makes you happy? What interests you? What are you curious about? Do you like to create something? Do you like to use your hands? Do you like being in nature? When are you the best version of yourself? When is it easy to be you? But again, don't think too much about the word 'passion' because it means something different to everyone. "

How much can people be controlled by prestige jobs?

"Very much. But in reality it is not so important what others think, but that you're happy in everyday life. Therefore, it is essential to think about what success means to one's self. There are many who dream of big cars and a high salary, but is that really what defines success? Life is about having a good time. We have to feel good about the balance of our working and leisure life, which is very different for everyone. So if you want to be a lawyer because it sounds good on paper, but can't work more than six hours a day, it's not the right choice. Our choices have consequences. "

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