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How to Post a Job


The answer of this question has 2 parts, the first one is to get some tips for how to write a good job posting, you can read our article ' writing a job posting' to get more details. In this article we'll forcus on the second part "Where can you post a job?".

Use job boards or job sites to post your vacancy!

They have been around for years: Job sites or job boards have some major advantages over your own website, job aggregators and social media: read them here

Job sites are a pure internet product. Where in the past you only had media and recruiters (head hunters, selection agencies, interim offices, etc.), there were also websites that specialized to guide the right candidate to the right vacancy. They usually did and do this by entering a keyword and location.

The big difference with recruiters is that job sites themselves don't actively recruit. They channel the candidates through to the companies. Only by using software.

In recent years, job sites have also mastered the collection of profiles. By releasing new vacancies on their existing database, they can quickly find many candidates for your vacancy.

Is a job board interesting for a company or only for recruitment agencies?

A few years ago the job boards started looking for extra cash and found this at recruitment agencies and interim offices. These major players place all vacancies in their portfolio for a fixed price or large discount. In some cases the discount can be as high as a half of the above prices.

The question then of course is whether it's useful for a company to work directly with a job site. This is certainly the case in the following cases:

  • Difficult to fill vacancy.
  • Several candidates needed for one position.
  • You want a view of the entire selection procedure.

What are the best-known job sites, job boards or aggregators?

Below you can find all major players who are active on the marketplace:

Are job boards still relevant with the arrival of job aggregators?

Asking the question is answering the question. Of course it is. Job boards sometimes have only 10,000 vacancies live compared to sometimes 500,000 vacancies at a job aggregator. They focus on vacancies that are difficult to fill or still have a large reach. These two together give a great response to your vacancy.

The disadvantage is that you immediately have to spend a large budget and don't always know the outcome. So betting on different horses is a bit harder here if the budget is limited.

What are the alternatives of a job board

If you want to place a vacancy online, you have several options. Job boards is an important one but you can supplement this placement with a job posting on your own website , on social media and of course also post jobs with a job aggregator.

Make sure you have a good budget and test the different channels. Make sure you do this per department. What works for a nurse may not work for your HR manager or accountant.

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