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How to Sell a Career Switch in Your Letter


That new step in your career makes sense to you, but can come across as a strange move to a recruiter. Read on...

3 Tips to motivate your career switch.

1. Show why this step fits in with your development

Why do you want to take a new direction? Is personal development your motivation, or are you looking for a different perspective? Mention that in your letter. In this way you show that you have thought about your choice and go for it completely.


'Law fascinates me in all its forms and in my years as a public prosecutor I have seen a lot. As a business law consultant at joint ventures, I can get to know another side of Lady Justice. That is precisely why I'm full of motivation to start at X. "

'An auctioneer sees art in all its forms, but often can only enjoy it for a short time. This is the most important reason for me to make the switch to the museum world. "

2. Connect your switch with a childhood love or 'higher goal'

Particularly in the event of a change of profession, explanation is essential to have a chance of winning the position you are applying for. For example if you enter education from commercial businesses, or want to work for an NGO.


'When supervising starters, I notice that the link with practice is often missing in their education. As a true practitioner, I'm happy to contribute to your goal of improving that link. The position of internship supervisor therefore seems to me to be a wonderful opportunity for this. "

'As an executive secretary, I learned to organize and communicate well, among other things. I like to use these qualities and an innate passion for music for your concert organization agency as Stage Manager. '

For example, such a switch can be motivated by personal interest with some explanation in your letter or resume about your 'innate passion' and with the correct representation of your work experience it's certainly not impossible.

3. Avoid negative statements about your previous employer

Suppress speciallythe tendency to explain why your previous job was not interesting, or why you couldn't get along with the boss. This type of negative statement is reflected in the entire letter and is not necessary at all.

So it should not:

"In my previous position, I didn't get enough room to develop, so the work quickly became one-sided." Or something similar. This may not seem very negative, but it's rather nagging. Moreover, you apparently did not know how to change the situation yourself.

"After a long period in the same position, I'm ready for something else." It is not really wrong, but the tiredness drips off. Rather tell what you think the switch will bring you in terms of personal or professional growth, or new challenges.

But the most important thing is that you are not afraid to show yourself and to explain choices in the letter. You don't have to wait for the interview: the employer is also just curious about your motives for doing something completely different.

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