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Is a Cover Letter Necessary


When a Cover Letter is a Must?

Unless clearly stated in the job offer, the cover letter isn't mandatory. So is it really necessary? According to several studies, Human Resources departments care less and less about this process: only 26% of recruiters read the letter, according to some reports. Given these data, should you write a cover letter? We analyze it.

In recent years the modernization of recruitment processes has inevitably opened the debate. There are those who continue to firmly believe that it's important to write the cover letter, and those who advocate saving unnecessary efforts and rethinking their strategy for finding work.

The cover letter, increasingly irrelevant

These are some of the aspects that could indicate that the cover letter is obsolete .

82% of employers believe it's not important

In 2015, the American recruitment agency Addison Group surprised us with this fact: only 18% of employers gave importance to the cover letter. In addition to reports that suggest that Human Resources devotes an average of 6 seconds to each job application, the data seems to indicate that you could spend your time perfecting other aspects for your job search.

The excerpt from the curriculum can be your new presentation

Many resume models include space for a brief (or not so brief) introduction. All the data related to your education or professional experience are just below, therefore it's not necessary to highlight them in the abstract of the curriculum. The objective of the excerpt is to attract the recruiter's attention, and arouse their interest so that it stops at your resume or expands the information with a personal interview.

Social networks help the company to know you

It's no longer a novelty that many companies turn to social networks when considering a job application. Therefore, some experts recommend that you invest your efforts in the search for employment in social networks, for example updating your profiles, sharing your online portfolio ... Social networks could be the relief of the cover letter .

How to reinvent the cover letter

More and more job seekers stop sending the traditional letter of introduction, but many experts still advocate them as a valuable show of interest. Of course, provided it's a good letter .

It remains a show of dedication

At least half of the experts still rate the job cover letter as the second most important aspect in an application, only after the curriculum. Including an extra document, which you have taken the time to write and correct, will denote a greater interest in the position .

Recruiters wait for the letter (even to ignore it)

According to the data obtained in the Jobvite survey, 56% of people in active job search still send their cover letters. This means that companies continue to receive a large number of letters. If you don't send it, the company will notice. It's best to heal yourself in health and send the cover letter to make it clear that you're interested .

Better not to send anything than a misspelled letter

If you choose to write a cover letter, you must do so to surprise the employer, not by obligation. A "copy and paste" letter that repeats the same thing that you already say in the curriculum will not do you any favor. The most suitable situations to send a letter of introduction occur when you have obtained the manager's data on the recommendation of another person or have met him directly.

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