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Job Description and Competency Profile


A job description lists the tasks, responsibilities and results that belong to a job. In a competencey profile you describe which knowledge, skills and attitudes an employee needs to fulfill the position properly. In practice you'll find a description of both often in one document, under one of the names or with a different name, such as 'function card'.

Job description

In a job description you start from the job that someone does. The key question is "What should the employee do?".

It's a list of the tasks and responsibilities associated with the position and often also of desired results. In this way you can later evaluate whether the employee lives up to the results that belong to his or her position. In practice, competencies often already appear in a job description.

Competencey profile

A competencey profile describes the employee who will perform a certain position. The key question here is' What does the employee need to know and can do and what attitudes are needed to properly complete his job? ". The organizational perspective forms the starting point for a competencey profile.

A series of competencies are listed and described, with or without behavioral indicators, that show how the position is filled in your organization. A staff member of staff doesn't necessarily have the same duties in a social workplace as in a youth center where he or she is also responsible for project management. Here you'll find tips for creating a competencey profile.

A competencey profile can (also) serve as a basis for development discussions with employees. Which competencies that are necessary for the position do he / she have already mastered, perhaps even to the extent that they can be taught to others? And which competencies must be worked on. You can include development actions in a Personal Development Plan.

You can also map the competencies of individual employees in the organization. If you do this for all employees and also analyze the tasks in the organization, then you can check whether the necessary competencies are present and identify which training courses may be needed.

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