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Job Promotion


A job promotion is one of the most important goals of any professional. it's a form of recognition of your commitment; It also represents a breakthrough in your professional career and gives you the opportunity to learn to continue moving forward.

Let's talk a little about why a job promotion is important. Promotions are one of the best indicators of professional growth. In addition, being promoted is a highly motivational factor for any employee, since this, apart from representing a professional advancement, improves your quality of life.

To be promoted means that your effort, loyalty and professionalism are recognized. It also represents the challenge of having to grow on a personal and professional level to achieve fulfill the responsibilities that your new position brings.

After all, a higher hierarchy position implies greater responsibilities. it's important that you know at what moment of your career you are; and above all that you understand what are the missing elements to reach the next step.

Being promoted allows you to make a career within the same company, which means growing professionally.

Likewise, for the company it's the opportunity to cover certain positions with professionals who already know the company ; Getting promoted to you, a professional with experience and knowledge of the company, avoids the selection and training process of a person who does not know the company.

In addition to this, it's the possibility of motivating and motivating others, towards a higher level of commitment. Nothing loyalty more to an employee, than the possibility of being promoted, or seeing that others are.

But are you really ready to be promoted? Let's see what it is, and show you 10 tips to achieve a job promotion. Go for it!

What is a job-level promotion?

A job promotion is any type of change that an employee experiences, which represents an improvement in their professional conditions. it's an opportunity to advance in your professional career.

Thus, it's an advance made by an employee in the structure of the organization; With these movements, elements of their working conditions change, even if you remain in the same position.

You can be promoted without changing position in the organization chart. A job-level promotion involves your responsibilities and scope being modified; although this does not merit changing desk or charge. Rather, it's an adjustment in your job description.

Further, job promotions are a right of all employees. It must be considered as part of the processes of any department; companies are also obliged to describe what factors are worthy of promotion.

In some cases, you as an employee must seek internal advice to achieve this process. Approaching the HR team, you can know what are the available promotions. Remember that it's not always about shifting.

How to get a job promotion?

Although getting a job promotion is a distinctive process of each company; There are some elements that, in common, make you an eligible candidate for these types of changes.

Usually, job promotions start from a need. A gap is opened, for some functions, which are not covered. They are also given by internal changes of the company. Even for the emergence of new projects.

The scenarios that generate the possibility of promotion are different. However, the majority of professionals in the area of human talent agree that the following traits are what define a candidate for promotion

Productivity: That you are able to carry out and strengthen the company's projects is key. An employee with a vision, goal oriented and take the plans to another level, is the right profile.

Leadership: Being a leader means that you will not be afraid to create and execute ideas for yourself. In addition, you will be a change generating element in the rest of your department.

Availability: Promotions involve greater responsibilities and tasks. For this, you need to be an employee with enough time, to take on the challenges.

Productivity: One of the key points. To the extent that you represent benefits and growth for the company, you will be eligible for a job promotion.

Do not forget that what will make you eligible depends on the company in which you work. You should also consider that, to get there, you have to prepare and grow as a professional.

A higher position means greater responsibilities. To address this, we recommend the Guide for professionals: How to prepare for a managerial position.

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