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Job Satisfaction


Work satisfaction means how satisfied you're with your work. Various factors are important here. Whether your job matches your personality for example, whether you can achieve your ambitions in your work and whether the job matches your work values.

Job satisfaction within the company

Job satisfaction is sometimes examined within a company to find out whether all employees still go to work satisfied. The employer can decide on the basis of the result to make changes or to grant employees a different position. This increases productivity within the company, reduces absenteeism and improves the atmosphere within the company.

How satisfied are you?

If you have the idea that you're not happy in your job and maybe time for a career change can also help a good look at your job satisfaction to watch. What do you dislike in your work and are you really so dissatisfied? A job satisfaction test helps you to see what exactly you would like to see different within your job, and it gives you insight into how dissatisfied or satisfied you really are.

Looking for job satisfaction

Based on the results, you can then decide to look for a new job or adjust things in your current position. You and your employer may be able to ensure that your job satisfaction is higher within your current position.

If you choose to look for another job or perhaps even make a career switch , it's important that you first thoroughly investigate your options and know what you want. Do this for example by means of a personality test, career choice test or personal SWOT analysis. You can of course also call on the help of a career advisor .

To reduce the chance of dissatisfaction, you can delve into the type of company that you're looking for. Read more about making a business choice.

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