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Job Specification


The specification of the work consists in ordering in a more detailed way what the position in the organization should perform and so that its work is efficient starting from a series of factors (competences) that must be included in the specification these will depend on the type of work that is being considered and the purpose of the specification.

The most common factors are as follows:

- Education
- Experience
- Mental ability
- Responsibility
- Effort
- Working conditions
- Risks

These descriptions have some formats that are proposed according to the organization and the design to be available based on their analysis and well executed description. Finally, these require a guide for writing descriptions. This must conform to the following standards:

- Clarity: it must be very clear the use of ambiguous terms must be avoided, it must contain words that can be understood.

- Simplicity: language accessible to all should be used. Where the description is not complicated.

- Concision: the largest number of words that are not necessary in that description should be omitted.

- Accuracy: possible vague terms should be excluded, use clearer terms in quantitative expressions.

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