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Letters Accompanying Your Resume


There are two types of letters accompanying your resume

1. Response to concrete job offer
2. Self-candidacy, without prior job offer, in this case what interests us is that the company has our resume in its database.

Our contact information, with date and heading followed by 3 paragraphs, first and third we can use them as models to make our letter.

In the second paragraph we have to talk about us, it's time to give a boost to our candidacy, mention those more subjective aspects that are not shown in our resume and that are of interest, for example our professional skills, merits, interests, justification of why we consider ourselves interesting ...

Accompanying Letter Example Response to a Job Offer:

Dear Mr./Mrs .:

I'm pleased to send you my resume for your consideration in relation to the position of [JOB TITLE] offered by you in the [MEDIA] on [DATE].

Both my training, and mainly my work experience, accredits me for its performance. Highlight my experience in [JOB SECTOR], which I held the position of [POSITION NAME].

I would like to participate in the selection process to fill this position, therefore I would like to have an interview with you where I can expand any additional information you may need.

Waiting to receive your news, attentively

Signed by: [NAME]

Attached resume

Accompanying Letter Example - Self Candidate Model:

Dear Mr./Mrs .:

I'm addressing you in order to make myself known and so that you can take into account my candidacy, before a possible job offer.

I'm a Gerontologist, I completed the Master of Gerontology from [UNIVERSITY NAME] from City Name][CITY NAME], in 2005, after graduating in Social Education from [UNIVERSITY NAME] from [CITY NAME], in 2003.

As you can see in my curriculum my training trajectory as well as my professional experience (internships and volunteering) are closely related to the field of gerontology.

My training and professional interest has been and is oriented towards the field of the elderly.

I also consider that I have the necessary professional skills and competencies to perform the functions and tasks of any position that fits my profile described above.

Although this letter doesn't respond to a specific requirement of candidacies on your part, I would appreciate you considering my proposal for future staffing needs that may exist in your company. In any case, note that I remain at your entire disposal to clarify any information you deem appropriate about my professional history in an upcoming personal interview.

Yours sincerely,

Signed by: [NAME]

Attached resume

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