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Making a Clear and Concise Job Descriptions


The growth of your business requires a more structured human resources management. It all starts with the job description: title, expected results, work process, equipment or tools to use, work environment, skills, abilities, knowledge and skills required. See how to gather this information!

Write clear and concise job descriptions

Make the most of this powerful work tool! This document informs candidates and promotes your business in your industry.

Content of a job description

Here is the information to fill:

- Job title
- The service concerned
- Supervisors
- General responsibilities
- Specific main responsibilities
- The duration of the contract (determined or indefinite)
- The required diplomas
- Professional experience required
- Salary and benefits

Tips for writing it

To attract the best candidates, you must write a job description knowing that your competitors are looking for candidates of similar level and in the same pool.

So be sure to prepare this document that will allow you to attract the most suitable candidates with an added value for your company. Writing a job description can be a real benefit to the company and the recruitment agency as it helps to focus on what is really needed for the job.

Whether it's a hiring to replace an employee or a job creation, the various nuances of a particular job will be revealed in a job description and can provide a clear set of objectives to the job consultant. Recruitment agency to guide him in his job of identifying suitable candidates.

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