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Making a Video CV Resume


"An error-free letter of application and a carefully prepared cv resume: this is how most applicants try to convince their future employer of their talents. But nowadays it's better to really stand out (in the positive sense!) To drag that dream job in, for example with a video resume."

What is a video cv/resume?

Your resume, but then on video. But beware: "reading out" your entire resume for the camera has little added value for the recruiter. It's an original way to show your qualities such as enthusiasm and passion for your profession. Because of this you can of course not apply for every vacancy with a video resume. For example, do you go for a jobin the marketing, communication, advertising or creative sector? Then this kind of resume is an excellent idea. Don't send a video resume to a traditional organization, as there is a chance that they will be less open to this.

Hundreds of fun and creative video CVs can be found online. Google "video resume" or "video cv" and you'll find many examples on youtube.

How to make a video resume?

You record a video resume with your smartphone, webcam or (photo) camera. You then publish your video on a video website such as YouTube. This way you can easily mention the link to your video in your cover letter, resume and on your LinkedIn profile.

Benefits of a video resume

- Your personality is more evident than in a written resume.
- Recruiters see you the way you really are and that makes it easier for them to make a selection.
- It's ideal if you're not a hero in writing cover letters, but still want to leave a lasting good impression on your future employer.

Making a video CV: what should you look out for?

There are a number of pitfalls that you should definitely avoid when you think about creating a video resume:
- Pay attention to your language: Dialect is out of the question! Not everyone has a perfect pronunciation, but try to speak in well-cared for, clearly understandable language.
- Ensure a well-groomed appearance: Choose an outfit that matches the job you're applying for: suit and tie are a bit exaggerated when applying for a job as a cleaner, but a training suit or worn T-shirt isn't also possible.
- Avoid clutter and background noise: Clean up your living room or desk (or put the vacuum cleaner and full laundry baskets out of sight of the camera) and close doors and windows. Also turn off the radio and TV.
- KISS = Keep It Short & Simple: Tell what you have studied, what your work experience is, what kind of job in which sector you're looking for and what your strengths are. Nothing more, nothing less. Does your resume need extra explanation? Then do that in the written version.

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