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Marital Status on a Resume


Single, couple, married ... Should we show your marital status on your resume? Because if our resumes contain some information of our civil status, are we obliged to reveal them all? While in most cases it's private information, your marital status may also allow recruiters to know more about you and your situation. So good or bad idea to reveal this information on your resume? We help you to see more clearly on the question!

What is marital status

Being an integral part of your marital status, marital status allows to know your family situation, whether you are single, married, widowed or divorced. This is personal information - just like your name or date of birth - that you are asked for at the time of your tax return, for example. On the resume, marital status can be mentioned even though in most cases this information doesn't appear.

Main marital status:

- single
- married
- widow (er)
- divorcee

In addition to these categories are couples who are cohabiting or living in a couple (cohabiting or common-law) who have a certificate of cohabitation or cohabitation. In fact, this certificate proves that you live in a common-law relationship with certain organizations. It's issued by the town halls, but they have no obligation to respond to your request. On the other hand, if you have a small friend but don't live together or have not registered your situation, you are considered to be legally unmarried.

What are the benefits of reporting marital status?

Although marital status is a very personal fact that you keep for yourself in the face of strangers, it may be interesting information to put on your resume. Indeed, in some cases, it may even be an asset for your application! For example, a job-intensive job will be more suitable for a single person than for a candidate married to children. Here are some examples where it may be interesting to indicate your marital status on your resume:

- if you are single and apply for a job that requires travel or frequent travel
- if you are married and want to work in the world of marriage as a wedding planner for example
- if you are a couple or married and you plan to become a marriage counselor Also, think that a married person has a sense of stability, so it can also be seen as an asset to recruiters.

Talking about her marital status at the time of the job interview

During a job interview, a curious recruiter can ask you about your marital status. Know that you have no obligation to answer him! In fact, questions about your family situation are totally prohibited by law. On the other hand if you choose anyway to answer it you can do it frankly if you think that it has no consequences on your chances of being recruited. You can also assure with a touch of humor that your affairs of heart will never affect your professional life!

Our advice

In most cases it's recommended not to disclose your marital status, unless it's a real asset to the coveted position!

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