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Personal Description on a Resume


As you can imagine, there are as many types of personal descriptions as there are people with resumes. And it's that the professional profile of the resume is about the most personal part of the document, in which we describe ourselves and reveal what our expectations are. Of course, the personal description of the resume will be different in each case and will vary depending on the candidate's years of experience and their own professional goals. However, it's possible to list the most frequent and representative examples of personal descriptions, which can serve to inspire you and help you write your own.

Examples of personal descriptions for profiles without years of experience

Here are some examples of how you can describe your professional profile if you are a person who has just finished their training and has started looking for work, or if you have decided to make a radical change in your career and change sectors or even profession :

As a recent graduate, I would love to be able to join a company in which I can apply all my knowledge and, at the same time, allow me to develop professionally.

Thanks to my specialized training, I believe that I can add value and continue to develop professionally in a company that matches my values ​​and expectations.

As an organized and highly motivated person, I'm able to adapt to any circumstance and always give my best in any project, at the same time that I strive to work as a team and promote values ​​such as companionship.

Examples of personal descriptions for profiles with years of experience

Assuming that your professional career is extensive and you have years of experience, logically this will have to reflect your personal description. This could be an example for the commercial sector :

I'm a type of worker who is used to working under pressure, I have several years of experience in customer service and looking for business opportunities. I also consider myself a decisive person, with good spirits and capable of easily solving problems.

The following example, on the other hand, would be used to apply for a job offer for a manager or to launch a project or a new line of business:

I'm an enterprising person, who loves challenges and does not give up easily. Very detailed and self-taught every day, I never stop learning and I have a special gift for people.

And, if we are talking about a computer professional, the following could be a good personal description to include in the resume:

With years of experience in systems management, I have been able to adapt to the different IT plans of the companies I have worked for. Additionally, I have a great capacity to analyze information and experience in team management.

Examples of career goals that you can include in your personal description

A very important part of your personal resume description is one that specifically addresses your short-term and long-term career goals. And we say that it's important because recruiters often look at it to find out if they will find in you the motivations they need for the job in question.

Specifically, this section is especially relevant if what you are trying to do is change sectors:

After years of experience, I have made the decision to reorient my professional career with the aim of continuing to learn and, also, contribute all my acquired experience. I consider that change is a sign of the ability to excel and, therefore, I believe that I would always be able to add value to the company where I am.

My main objective is to develop professionally and evolve in my sector, so I look for opportunities that allow me to do so, while trying to fully align myself with the objectives of the company.

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