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Linkedin is the largest social website for business contacts. Logical that you want to post your vacancies there. But can you also post a vacancy for free on Linkedin? yes!

How can you post job openings on Linkedin?

Linkedin has three ways to post a job opening and one of them is free. We start with the two paying methods to post job openings on Linkedin:

  • Use the advertising possibilities of Linkedin to show your vacancy to potential candidates. This is done through standard advertisements on the website but also in e-mail messages. You pay a user a click on your vacancy each time.
  • Post a job at Linkedin Jobs. You place your vacancy with other vacancies and you pay for it once a user sees your vacancy.
  • In addition, you can also post your vacancy for free on Linkedin through a link on your own account or on your company's account.

How do you post a vacancy on Linkedin for free?

You must therefore share a link on your Linkedin account and share this link with your network. If you post an interesting vacancy online, there is a good chance that one or more people within your network will also share the vacancy and that way you can get a large reach for your vacancy for free. A large reach means more chance of candidates.

Follow the steps below to post your vacancy for free:

Copy the url of your vacancy

- go to
- log in to your account
- paste the URL in the top box "Start a Post"
- above or below the url you also write a short explanation or intro of the vacancy
- click on "Post"

What do you pay attention to when posting your vacancy on Linkedin for free?

It's not because you can do something for free that you have little or no time to invest in it. Pay attention to the following when you post your vacancy:

Make a good intro or description where the function or department is clear

- copy the link correctly
- make the link directly to the vacancy
- use the language that your candidate speaks or that you want for the vacancy.
- use additional hashtags such as #vacature, #gent or #ICT

The more focused your job posting is, the smoother it will be through your network. Are you looking for an IT position or administrative clerk? Make sure this is clear and if one person in your network knows someone with a possible interest, he will immediately share this for free.

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