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Post a Job on Social Media


We all know social media from private facts, fake news and news overviews. It's less known that we also fill vacancies on social media.

Posting vacancies on social media: doing

We can only give one really good advice in this article and that's that you shouldn't overlook social media when posting a vacancy. Whether you do this through your own page, business ads or through a partner who is active on social media plays no role whatsoever. The range is so large that you can reach a lot of latent job seekers for little money.

When do you post a vacancy on social media

Placement will only happen if you as a company are sufficiently present on social media. Your vacancy passes so quickly that an unknown company will not attract much interest in the chosen target group. So if your company isn't active on social media, it's best to choose a partner who places your vacancy or has an advertisement running that reaches your target group.

The easier you think you're to fill the vacancy, the more interesting social media becomes. The vacancy will be more shared and you'll also receive a lot of response. Job openings that are difficult to fill will not attract much interest.

Which social media do I use?

Every platform has its strengths but also its weaknesses. View which vacancy you need to post and then choose a platform. You can easily place simple profiles with a large reach. For difficult profiles, choose a target group first or work with a partner. The most obvious social media that can use yes is:

- post job openings on Facebook or Instagram
- post job openings on Linkedin

Choose a partner who is active on social media

Every job board or aggregator will say that they are active on social media but this isn't always the case. Being active on social media means that:

- articles appear regularly
- the vacancies are up-to-date
- run several advertisements
- target groups have been created

In addition, you can also opt for an online marketing agency that places the vacancies live for you. This is slightly more expensive but they work exclusively for your company.

Above all, remember that people on social media aren't looking for work but just see your vacancy pass for a few milliseconds. Test different target groups with a limited budget. If the campaign starts, you increase the budget together with your target group.

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