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Post Job on Your Own Website


The easiest way to make your vacancy known is to post this vacancy on your own site. This is how you place a vacancy on your company site.

Why do you post a vacancy on your own website?

There are many benefits associated with posting job openings on your own website:

- customers see that you grow -> order faster
- a company doesn't hire staff if it ceases activities the following month
- suppliers have more faith in you as a customer -> discounts, shorter delivery times,...
- branding with candidates
- casual users see your vacancy
- vacancy is shared faster

Google and other search engines take up your vacancy for free

Job aggregators absorb your vacancy for free

In addition, by placing it on your own website you also create an external link to your vacancy that you can use on other websites such as:

Post your job for free or paying on job aggregators such as Indeed

- Niche sites can link to your vacancy
- You can link the job on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
- Post a free vacancy link on Linkedin
- How much does it cost to post a vacancy on your own website
- Funny that we have to write this: you place the vacancy for free on your website of course!

What does cost money are the working hours to get the vacancy live or to promote it. So it's not completely free yet. What you can do to ensure that placing a vacancy on your own website is really free, can be automated.

6 tips that you should pay attention to when you post a vacancy on your own website

Of course you first think about the placement before you quickly and quickly throw the vacancy live on your company's website:

- make a clear title
- show function, contract type and other requirements
- clear link from the homepage
- make the url look simple so that it can be copied
- do not link to other job sites
- make clear how you can respond to the vacancy (via mail, telephone, interim office, etc.)

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