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Post Job Openings Online


Nowadays you can quickly find candidates by posting your vacancy online. What are the costs of placing a vacancy and where can you best do this?

Why post job openings online?

In many cases, the moment that a vacancy is filled is as short as possible. Most vacancies come online through:

- dismissal of employee
- long-term illness or pregnancy
- new major assignment
- structural deficit
- peak or holiday periods

The internet is perfectly suitable because you can already post your vacancy on the day itself. In others such as offline magazines you'll find periodic appearances and proofs. For example, it may be that your vacancy only appears one month later.

Following up on your vacancy is also much easier online:

You can remove errors afterwards

adjust vacancy in the meantime manage your budget completely (large volumes in a short time or budget spread over 60 days)

Tracking and results of your online job posting after posting

You don't have to wait until some candidates send you an email or call to know if your campaign is heading in the right direction. Once the vacancy is online, you can follow your vacancy through various statistics. The most used are:

- number of users per medium and totals
- number of clicks per medium
- total completed forms
- number of suitable candidates

You'll therefore be able to follow every step. If you regularly have vacancies open, you can choose to automate this process and purchase an ATS system (Applicant Tracking System). This system or software makes everything a lot clearer.

The best places to place a vacancy online

The most well-known platforms for posting your vacancy online are:

- post job on social media
- Post a job posting online on Linkedin
- post job on Facebook
- post job on job aggregators
- traditional job sites or job boards

Finally, we also want to mention that it's best to place your vacancy online on your own website

Prepare your budget in advance

It's important that you prepare a budget before the start of your campaign. This is necessary to contact certain platforms or not. Posting your vacancy or posting online on as many platforms as possible is the message. If it all seems like a lot to do yourself, you can always engage an online marketing agency to follow up the campaigns.

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