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Prepare for a Job Interview


Preparation is the most important ingredient for a successful job interview. Studying the organization, understanding the job profile and giving well-considered answers; it all indicates enthusiasm for the job you're applying for.

Tips That Help You to Have a Better Preparation For Your Job Interview

Use the preparation tips in this article to impress your potential employer during that crucial first meeting.

Study your potential employer

By examining the organization you're better able to place the position you're applying for within the whole of business activities. Your knowledge of the organization also contributes to your credibility as an applicant; it shows that you really want to belong to the club. The company website, the annual report and press releases provide valuable information about the most important activities and stakeholders of the company. During your preparation you're also advised to read professional literature and (newspaper) articles. These give you insight into the reputation of the company, the biggest competitors and the challenges within the sector / industry.

Immerse yourself in the position

A thorough examination of the job profile helps you to predict which questions are likely to be asked during the interview. You can then use this information to prepare relevant answers. To distinguish yourself from other candidates, you can also use this information to ask yourself intelligent questions at the end of the interview.

Practice your answers

The most important part of preparing for your job interview is to practice your answers to the questions you expect. For each potential question, think of practical examples that demonstrate how you dealt with a task / situation and highlight the positive outcome. Simulate the interview with a friend to see if you link your skills, experience and personal characteristics in a coherent and clear way to the job requirements.

Know your strengths

In order to make a good impression, it's important to know your strengths and to communicate them confidently and convincingly. The job interview is the chance to 'sell' yourself, so make sure that you can distinguish yourself from the rest through examples.

Do you find it difficult to paint a good picture of yourself? Perhaps this document provides you with some tools for drawing up your professional profile / personal brand. The document forces you to think about your strengths and helps you determine your position in the labor market.

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