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Promoting Your Resume Online


A good resume takes days to be ready! but what about distribution? specially online?. With the massification of internet access, it has become common to use the internet to distribute resumes, and there are numerous websites and options to do this.

However, the reader certainly wants to find tools that are efficient for being noticed by a potential employer.

To increase your chances, write the study program in a text editor and not get bored, correct the descriptions and find ways to convey information as simply and concisely as possible.

It makes sense that a good resume takes days to be ready, because we always forget something that is relevant or find that a sentence can be rewritten to better reflect our potential.

Grammar mistakes are unforgivable, as are distracting elements that do nothing for the recruiter to do his or her job.

With the impeccably extensive resume, we can register you on sites that specialize in recruiting professionals.

In general, it will not be possible to send the resume as an attachment, and the candidate will often be asked to complete a long form that, while tiring, should facilitate the selection process.

Let us know what the most effective ways are to distribute a study program on the internet.

Work locations

There are sites that specifically work as resumes banks. Some are free and other paid options. is up to you to decide whether the service is worth it and to evaluate how much you can invest.

I recommend that you walk away from companies that don't leave the service regulations, or that you request all your personal information before you view the prices.

Although many sites work in this area, it's worthwhile to distribute your resume to all major players in the market.

After all, there are also many recruiters and they may prefer a specific site to look for candidates.

Linked-In: a social network aimed at the professional

Among social networks, there is a particularly interesting one for people looking for a job.

This is LinkedIn, a platform with more than 7 million users in Brazil, mainly used by professionals.

The simple fact that a profile is correctly built into LinkdedIn gives a good impression to the recruiter.

You can create a contact list of people and companies.

The site also has features that change the profile of the candidate into a very complete curriculum, with many more sources than the traditional model.

The candidate doesn't have to submit his resume and wait. LinkedIn has an efficient job search tool.

To further facilitate the creation of a network of contacts, the site identifies at the time of registration which of the contacts in your email already has a LinkedIn account.

If you don't want the network to automatically register all participants in your private socket, you can skip this step or choose who you find interesting to select.

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