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Promotional Employee Cover Letter


You can use this letter as an example to write a good promotional employee cover letter. Even more tips in a row!

An example of a promotional employee Cover letter

Own name (in full or abbreviation of the initials)
Postcode and PLACE OF RESIDENCE (always in full capitals)

Name of company addressed
Name of the recipient of the letter (Attn. Is not necessary here)
Address of the addressee
Postcode and PLACE (always in capital letters)

Place, date of writing the cover letter

Concerns: vacancy promotion employee

Dear Sir / Madam Name of the recipient of the letter (Dear Mr. Cats)

With this letter I would like to inform you about the possibilities for deploying a promotional employee within your company. I also want to inform you of my knowledge and skills through this letter. First of all, I would like to inform you that I have been informed on behalf of a former employee of yours about the possible position of promotion employee.

In February 2015 I successfully completed my higher vocational education commercial economics. Now that I'm in possession of my coveted piece of paper, the time has come for me to become active in the labor market.

I learned through a former employee of yours that you're most likely looking for an employee promotion. This position would be perfect for me, because I am very commercial and I know exactly what a promotion employee can do for your company through my education and work experience.

During my training I have been able to develop my commercial skills at various renowned companies, which gives me some experience.

Because I can easily make contact with people, I can often quickly come across as convincing. As a result, many people will quickly listen to my story and I can give that extra push they need to get convinced. I also have good administrative knowledge.

I have great communication skills, both in word and writing. All in all, in my opinion, I am the suitable candidate for the possible position of promotion employee at your company.

For my resume I refer you to the attachment that I have enclosed.

Of course I would like to explain a few things in an oral conversation.

Awaiting your response.


Your name (in full)

Attached: resume

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