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References on a Resume


Good references are crucial for finding a new job. You do well to find at least two or three people who want to say a good word for you. In this article you can read what you should take into account with regard to references on a resume and when applying.

Are your references a mandatory part on a resume?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when creating a resume. References are absolutely necessary to have while applying, but it's n't common to share your references directly in the resume. References are usually only discussed after a first or second interview.

It's most professional to only share references as soon as you're asked to and use the standard sentence within the resume: “References on request.” You hereby indicate that you have references, but don't immediately share your personal details referees. If a vacancy immediately asks for references, it's of course good to immediately appoint two or three referees within the resume.

References are therefore not mandatory, but optional. If you have some very special references, you're of course completely free to state these. Excellent references will always reinforce a resume. Consider for example a director or senior manager at a reputable company or a well-known personality in a certain industry.

How do you choose your referees?

It's important to know that recruiters and potential employers are prohibited from requesting information about your performance from previous employers without your knowledge and permission. So you always decide who they will talk to.

The best referents are people: former teachers, former employers or managers.

Choose two or three people with whom you have a good relationship and know that they are willing to give you a good word.

Always ask for permission and let your referees know that you'll be applying in the near future so that they will not be surprised by a phone call. If applying for a job takes longer than a few months, it's good to keep your referees informed about this and to ask them for permission again.

What information do you share on your resume?

References are placed at the very end of a resume or better yet as a separate attachment. You only share the most necessary information.


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