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Why a Resume Covering Letter


Your cover letter - known also as a resume covering letter - gives a first impression that remains with the employer. It's therefore one of the most important aspects of your resume.

Why your resume cover letter is important?

Research shows that employers prefer resumes with an accompanying covering letter. A well-written cover letter gives you the chance to show the reader that you:

Are valuable

Emphasize your strengths to attract the reader's attention. This increases the chance that you'll advance in the selection process.

Can write

There is nothing worse than a clear spelling mistake in your cover letter. An error in your letter not only shows that you don't pay attention to detail, but also that you don't consider the vacancy important enough to take the time to properly check your letter.

A cover letter with errors will immediately go into the bin, so first check it yourself and then ask a friend to look through it again. A fresh look can considerably increase your chance of an interview.

Are a unique candidate

Use your cover letter to emphasize your unique combination of skills and experience and to demonstrate how they meet the job requirements. Give examples that show a clear connection between your knowledge, experience and capacities and the needs of the employer.

Has work experience

Although your soft and academic skills are essential to be selected for a job interview, it's also important to relate your experience to the job description. Use your cover letter to give examples of your relevant experience.

Are enthusiastic

A convincing and tailor-made cover letter shows that you have taken the time to research the company and to understand the needs and job requirements of the employer. It's your chance to show how enthusiastic you are about the position and what value you can add.

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