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Skills on a Cover Letter


The world is changed! Organizations now are looking for skilled talents, that's why presenting your skills professionally in your cover letter will enhance you opportunity to get a call for a job interview.

What to highlight in your cover letter?

  • Your diplomas (if you've a well-rounded track record, prioritize those directly related to the position).
  • Your professional experiences (only relate those that correspond to the position).
  • Also write down your skills that suit those requested (eg autonomy, interpersonal skills, etc.).

Which skills to include for boosting your cover letter?

We will list for you here top skills that recruiters are looking for, if you have, please mention that, it not, then think about how to develop these missed skills.

1 / Technical skills

  • Purchasing, cash management, legal, IT, stock management, quality, human resources, air conditioning...
  • Knowledge of the rules, procedures, vocabulary of a sector (example: knowledge of Incoterms for people who work in export, or knowledge of different medical procedures for a nurse).
  • Note: these skills are the easiest to find. Indeed, they are most often obvious because they are directly linked to your field of activity. Look for skills that you've in addition to your basic education.

2. Relational skills

  • Team working
  • Federate
  • Create partnerships
  • Pedagogy

3. Communication skills

  • Written: writing of reports, articles, brochures, press kits
  • Oral: public speaking
  • Internet: blog, newsletter, social networks
  • Video: filming of product presentation videos, reports
  • Multichannel: this is the best!

4. Organizational skills

  • Organization of events: product launches, forums, trade fairs, exhibitions
  • Organization of meetings: seminars, training, presentations to the press, to shareholders
  • Space organization: office restructuring, relocation
  • Project management: team building, monitoring progress
  • Personal organization, productivity: meeting deadlines, knowing how to manage time, priorities
  • Knowing how to organize data, conduct quantitative studies
  • Knowing how to start from a concept to carry out a project
  • Entrepreneurial competencey

5. Behavioral / Social skills

  • Welcoming visitors, prospects
  • Courtesy, good manners
  • Ability to develop a network
  • Empathy, listening skills
  • Ability to manage conflicts

6. Commercial skills

  • Prospecting in BtB or BtC
  • Write a proposal, respond to a call for tenders, knowledge of public markets
  • Differentiate your offer from the competition
  • Use CRM tools
  • Market studies, prospective, watch...
  • Negotiation in France and internationally

7. Managerial skills

  • Recruitment, training, coaching
  • Management of schedules, holidays
  • Project management
  • Budget and funding management

8. IT skills

  • List of mastered software: Excel, Photoshop, Pack Office, Ciel, Sage...
  • Programming knowledge
  • Cloud knowledge
  • Big Data knowledge
  • Creation of applications

9. Personal skills

  • Sense of initiative, strength of proposal
  • Problems solving
  • Adaptability
  • Stress management
  • Autonomy
  • Change management

10. Cross-disciplinary skills

  • Managing a working group
  • Feasibility study
  • Establishment of procedures
  • Control missions
  • Standardization, quality procedures
  • Strategic watch

11. Language skills

  • Language mastered and level
  • Example: "Professional proficiency in English, level B2, daily professional practice and two-year stay in the USA"

12. Web skills

  • Professional mastery of social networks: Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook...
  • Website creation for example on WordPress, SEO optimization
  • Internet advertising campaigns, purchase of advertising space

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