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Stand Out in Your Career For 2021


How do you make your career that stands out for 2021? Be ready!

2021 is comming! you have to be ready for the new challanges of the upcomming year. In this article we'll show you how to make your career stands for the next year, you'll find information that will help you to differenciate from others and gain the skills required. Just read on.

If we take a look at history, we are going to recognize some key moments that have transformed the way we interact, act and above all, the one that concerns us today, the way we work.

To go no further, just remember cases like the boom and bust of the "dot com" (or dot com) era, when the most important internet portals collapsed at the end of the 90s; or the housing crisis of 2008. Both crises hauled one crack world literally revolutionized many things besides boosting digital transformation. From then on, it's impossible to function professionally if you don't understand digital language and standards. Communications are much faster, interaction and collaboration have multiplied, and competitiveness as a factor of continuous upward advantage.

This does not mean that I agree with these values, but they are a reality, in the same way that it's a reality that after the Covid-19 pandemic, things will not be the same in the professional and business environment.

No transformation is easy. Change a habit, a habit or process in the case of organizations may take years, but when you do not have is best put to work as soon as possible.

What seems most important to me on this occasion is that transformation isn't driven solely by an economic crisis, it's still a preponderant factor, of course, but the other -the one that is fundamental to change- is the human factor.

Sooner or later business will continue. The activities, although not in the same way, will be reactivated and we will go back to dealing with some things that we have put aside for some months. Everything will enter the channel of what is known as "the new normal", although no matter how much it changes, it will still be led by us, beings of flesh and blood with interests and values.

Whoever manages to change more drastically and quickly, respecting the essence of human relationships and values, will be in a privileged position. Do you want to get there? These are the things that you cannot lose sight of, the things that you have to master to stand out in the work and business environment from now on.

Differences that will distinguish the best professionals from 2021

1. Focus on results, not processes

Of course, processes are valuable and important in any routine or work culture. They save us time and facilitate collaboration, as well as freeing up space to focus on priorities. However, March 2020 taught us that things can change overnight.

We know that the processes that we have developed for a long time can be broken by external factors that we do not control. Today we understand that the important thing is to achieve results despite breaking or modifying protocols along the way.

There is no doubt that 2021 will come full of challenges, the environment will be one of extreme competition. Every client, every job and every opportunity will be a battlefield. Professionals and companies that focus on achieving results will be more successful than those dedicated to developing processes.

2. Manage resources flawlessly

We are all starting to feel budget cuts and a high demand for time and attention. Proper - or rather, perfect - management of all resources will be one of the most demanded skills in the new professional space.

A progressive need to compete for opportunities requires exemplary management of all available resources. This isn't new, but the new normal will require us even more to manage our time, energy, focus and of course, our financial capital very well.

Whoever rules better than his competition will see all his opportunities grow substantially.

3. Strengthen your leadership skills

Every day we learn about new spaces and platforms where opinions and points of view are shared, but when we pay attention to them, we realize that what is shared is basically noise or misinformation. The same happens in organizations, if leadership growth isn't favored at all levels, an environment of insecurity and confusion grows. The leader isn't necessarily the one who manages a team or has a larger list of followers, she is the one who earns the trust of her community, and this can be done at any level.

You don't have to be the boss or the biggest company on the market to set the trend, you have to be the one who listens, builds trust and fosters collaboration. In a highly unstable environment, companies and professionals capable of finding direction and creating safe environments will see many prosperous years.

4. Form a team

Being a leader and being an important part of a team are not mutually exclusive. We even know that each day it will be more important to increase both skills.

Working as a team, understanding the needs of all team members and being able to command their efforts will be vital in the new work architecture. There is no longer room for organizations that want to grow or survive from the talent of a single person. Medium and long-term plans - essential to stay active in business - require structures powered by dynamic, agile teams capable of constantly renewing themselves.

Learning to work in a team, collaborate with people from various backgrounds and specialties, understand their needs and prioritize their development will be essential in modern organizations and professionals.

5. Promote social and sustainable work

They are definitely not new values, but the last few months have forced us to rethink priorities. We have trained ourselves to better calculate the value and importance of the time we spend working, caring for the family and living with the people we love the most (even virtually).

The importance of work has once again calibrated its social work, and it begins to be measured every day more by the number of people it positively impacts and the impact it has on society. We cannot be naive and ignore that we live in the middle of a fight. On the one hand, those who want to accelerate towards economic recovery at any cost and, on the other, a more holistic recovery proposal, in which the planet and all of us who inhabit it have the same value. The second has already begun to bear fruit. Jobs that were previously considered of minor importance have taken center stage that they should never have lost, and the natural order of things begins to be more important every day.

Cooperating, investing time in returning to the community, and rescuing lost values ​​will continue to grow in importance.


The circumstances that we have experienced recently have caused some of the leadership and management qualities that helped many companies or executives to develop their careers have lost relevance; they have given way to soft skills that make business a more humane space.

This does not mean that the competition will diminish or be less hectic, on the contrary, an extremely combative environment is anticipated, with a lot of automated work. It is precisely that situation that opens to give way to personal relationships and emotional skills that will distinguish professionals from 2021.

Developing our emotional intelligence, emotional leadership and highlighting the value of people as the most important resource in all professional activities, will differentiate the most outstanding professionals in the coming years.

To get to the end of the note, I have for you yet another difference from the most prominent professionals from this moment on: self-awareness.

It is key to recognize our emotions, our values ​​and our thoughts, as well as those of the people with whom we work, and use them all with the sole desire to grow. To do this, the best way is to worry about our health. Exercising, doing some type of meditation, resting properly and maintaining a balanced diet are essential for this purpose.

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