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Start By A Simple Resume


The classic resume or simple resume is an ideal alternative to start looking for a first job by putting the odds on your side. In general, having a well-written resume is the first step before starting your job search.

In this part, it's a question of putting at your disposal, the appropriate councils to conceive and to realize a good resume so that it's really the effective instrument of your approaches with the companies.

Having a simple, well-written resume essentially allows you to clearly present your experience and skills to the prospective employer , to provide proof that your professional profile fits well with the position to be filled and finally, to arouse in him the desire to give you an interview.

In this sense, your resume is as simple as it is:

  • must reflect your personality;
  • must be adapted both to the position requested and to the requirements of the structure to which you are addressing;
  • must be limited to the essential while arousing the envy of the one who reads it, to learn more about you and to want to meet you ...

The 5 different sections of a basic or simple resume

The resume is usually organized in 5 sections or sections, and the same goes for a simple resume . These sections are:

1. Civil status and contact details

Among the information that must appear at this level , there is the surname and first name, the address, the telephone number (s) and the email address. There is also other subsidiary information, the mention of which depends only on you and the opportunity they could represent: age, family situation and nationality.

2. The title of the resume

In principle, you don't have to have one. However, it's advisable in practice to give a title to your resume. This, to facilitate its reading by the recruiter and allow the latter to easily retain in a first sort.

3. Professional experience

This is the most important part of the resume , except of course for beginners. Here, you must list each job that you had to practice by specifying the date of the position, the occupation exercised on this occasion, the name of the company and its location. Also, this information will be supplemented by a clear and concise description of the responsibilities occupied , the tasks accomplished, and finally the results obtained.

4. Academic background and / or training

In this section, it will be just a question of describing your school curriculum indicating the degrees obtained (note, mention) and the place of their obtaining (establishment); and possibly, the trainings that you have further followed.

5. Hobbies

They are usually the last section or part of the resume . Here, you indulge your personality by indicating your passions and your interests outside the framework of the work: sport, travels, reading, associative life ... All this allows the employer to get an idea about you even before to meet you.

Note: When you apply for a position for which you have been asked to attach a photo, it's better to do so so that your application is not excluded from the selection.

4 simple tips for writing your resume

  • Customize it according to the position sought , or spontaneous application that you send to a company;
  • Define in a clear and precise way your objective (indicating in title, your job, and below, your qualifications, years of experience, your specialty (s) ...);
  • List all the elements that prove that the objective indicated corresponds effectively to your abilities (basic training, diplomas, continuing education, internships, job previously occupied with description of the tasks and results obtained, as well as responsibilities, skills, knowledge skills, developed skills, sense of relational skills, knowledge of languages ​​and computer tools, etc.);
  • In case of response to a job offer, what you need to highlight are the experiences and skills required by the recruiter through his announcement.

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