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Summary of Qulaifications on a resume


A clear and flexible presentation of your skills is the key to immediately attracting the attention of recruiters. And in general, it starts with a strategic summary of your qualification. In fact, a well-written summary of qualifications gives a real plus to your resume, which makes it much more attractive for human resources managers. With this comprehensive information guide, find out how to highlight your qualifications in a resume.

What is a summary of qualifications?

To put it simply, a summary of qualifications is a list of 6 points highlighting all the greatest achievements made so far in your personal and professional journey. it's therefore a powerful instrument, developed mainly to satisfy software or application tracking systems, and thus more easily attract the attention of employers.

This section allows you to significantly improve the quality of your resume , and to differentiate yourself from other candidates in a selection. In other words, the summary of qualifications is an appropriate and simple tool to optimize your chances of getting a job interview.

The main qualifications you need to include on your resume

Above all, it should be noted that you must always list your qualifications, taking into account the requirements of the position for which you are applying, and even the employer to whom you are applying. Afterwards, specially with regard to the key qualifications to be included in your resume, these usually relate to academic and professional qualifications.

The inclusion of academic qualifications on the resume is more necessary if you are still a student or have just graduated. In fact, candidates with this profile generally have no professional experience , and the best way for them to improve the quality of their resume will be to address all areas of their education relevant to the position: study, information on the modules (name of the subject + the mark obtained), diplomas. Likewise in your student resume or beginner's resume, you can include in the qualifications section, a specific training you have taken that relates to the job sought, or include a personal development sub-section.

The qualifications for their part, involve work experience, skills and professional expertise of the candidate. They must be quantified with various achievements in support when making a resume of qualifications. Here is an example of a list of professional qualifications that you can include on your resume:

- More than 20 years of extensive experience in the interior design industry.
- Established good working relationships with clients.
- Developed new quality standards for better performance and reliability.
- Ability to organize, prioritize and work under extreme work pressure, heavy workload and deadlines.
- Improved accuracy of budget forecasts.
- Improvement of the level of support service by 20%.
- A leader in managing business-to-business team efforts through effective and engaging mentoring strategies.
- Lead the development of [product, service] for a period of [x] years.
- Encouraged creativity and higher order thinking to improve children's performance.
- Use of modern teaching methods such as e-learning and team learning.
- Managed projects with an annual pre-allocated budget of 8-10 million and achieved project objectives.
- School teacher with a strong dedication to the development of children and their educational needs.
- Strong skills in personal communication.

Example of a summary of qualifications for an Executive Secretary position


- Manage 3 employees in a management office, ability to maintain an atmosphere of efficiency, sincerity, and attention to detail

- Design and implement effective programs that can streamline direct office services, saving 140,000 euros per year in labor costs

- Analyze and sort incoming customer data, writing 1400 word reports 2 times / week

- Organization of events, dinners, outings and company retreats, to increase the company's satisfaction by 9% as reflected in our annual survey of staff satisfaction

- Outstanding Achievement Award 2017 in a company with more than 150 employees.

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